Saturday, July 24, 2010

Waterfront Trail Run

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be making running plans for a Saturday Morning I would have just broken out in laughter! That would have been major crazy talk!! 
What a difference a year makes. Here I am Saturday Morning meeting up with my Friend for a jog along Toronto's Waterfront Trail.

Dean just recently started the Couch to 5k training plan and will be running his first 5k Race at the end of August.  Honestly I can't believe we are both running it's still amazes me what a little will power can do. 
Since Dean is currently running intervals of 5min run/3min walk and I'm trying to ease into running, this was the perfect jog this morning. NOT to mention at 8am it was already 35C with the Humidex. 

It certainly looked like it was going to start raining at any moment and there was fog/pollution in the air. 

We managed to run/walk for 24minutes and were certainly glad it was done. I happy to say that with a 5/3 intervals my IT Band didn't bother me at all and I'm happy I got to at least some running in. 
After my run I enjoyed a nice cold juice, which I don't usually reach for BUT I was really craving something refreshing and water was just not cutting it. 

Bom Dia means Good Morning in Portuguese... it's also a Acai juice by Bolthouse, this particular one is Acai & Pomegranate. YUM!! 

Now the bad news ...  45g of sugar! YIKES! 
I do love the taste of the juice but it's not something I would have everyday simply because of the sugar content. I would perhaps use a splash in my water or maybe even in my Green Monster.  

As far as my IT Band goes... I saw my PT last Tuesday and turns out the reason I'm having IT Band problems is due to my right hip being slightly lower then my left, so they are out of alignment. She massaged me back into place and sent me home with some homework. In the mean time I'm ok to ease into running as long as I'm NOT in pain, as soon as the pain starts I need to back off.  Listen to my body, that's the plan. 

I really enjoyed running down by the waterfront. It really felt like you weren't in a big city and it was nice to run in a new place. I did have to get in the car and drive for 20 minutes, so it's not something I would be doing everyday but perhaps it would be nice to do for weekend runs. 
Loved seeing all the runners and cyclist out, everyone is so friendly, what a great running community we have in Toronto. 

Do you love exploring new places to run? Or do you like to stay close to home? 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Blue Friend

Thursday I FINALLY saw my Dr about that nagging pain that has plagued me since the SportingLife 10k in May. Yes, Yes I know, I let this go on for WAY too long. 
Just as I suspected it is Iliotbial band syndrome
What does that mean as far as my running goes, well I see my Physiotherapist on Tuesday and we will go from there, until then no running. 
In the mean time I FINALLY picked up the Famous Foam Roller (35" long) for $39.99cdn at the Running Room, which according to my fellow Runners has been their best friend in dealing with Iliotbial band syndrome (ITBS).
According to what I've read up on it, it's like having your very own Massage Therapist at home, it is an effective and inexpensive gym accessory that I've should have picked up a long time ago. 
The idea is that you use your body weight to roll around on it, which will help you massage your muscles and fascia, this is also referred to as Self Myofascial Release Technique. 
My Foam Roller came with an instruction manual with some basic exercises, however I do have to say that my favourite tool now a days for exercise instructions has to be Youtube. 

This is how we roll; 
Using both hands for balance, lie on side with roller beneath hip. Slowly roll out entire length of IT Band from hip to just above outside of knee. Do this for a couple of minutes and then repeat on the other side. If you find a spot that seems more tender hold for a couple of seconds until it releases and then move one. 

Place your hands on the floor and calfs on the roller, you can also place only one calf on the roller with your ankles crossed, this will give you a bit more pressure on the calf. Using your upper body, roll from your heel to the top of your calf. 

Place your hands on the floor and hamstring on the roller, just as with the calfs you can place on leg over the other to get a deeper massage. Using your upper body, roll from your hip to the back of your knee. 

I also used it on my back and shins, which felt really nice!! No I'm serious it did feel really good. 
It was quite painful on my IT Band and this morning my Hips felt a bit sore but I didn't feel the tightness in my calf and knee as I have in the past 2 months. 
I can absolutely see how this seems to be a favourite amongst runners and I'm sure it will be mine... as soon as I get over the pain. 

The plan is to spend some time at night doing these exercise along with a Hip Opening Yoga session, along with seeing my Physiotherapist. 
Hopefully I will be running in no time. 

Have you tried the Foam Roller yet? 
What do you think?

Happy Running 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A case of the Vacation Lazies

Vacations will do that to you and technically I'm still on Vacation... I'm only back to work next Monday and I am glad for that!! 
The time change has sure done a number on our Family.
The kids have been up at 3am every day and barely able to stay up until 7pm, today we managed to get an extra hour of sleep so lets see how that goes. 
We are also having a Heat Wave in Toronto, so I have been avoiding using the washing machine & dryer...  2 weeks vacation means a WHOLE lot of Laundry. Can you feel my pain??
Not being able to do Laundry means I can't really unpack yet, so I have suitcases all over my bedroom. My house is a mess. 
There has also been no running. I don't want to chance making the issue worse (whatever it might be) until I see my Dr, which he can only see me in 2wks... so I have been keeping a low workout profile... alright so there has been NO working out what so ever.
I am also NOT very proud of my eating pattern ... lets just say that all the rules when out the door while on Vacation. There was a whole lot of WHITE bread consumed and even more amounts of butter. 
Dinner was never done before 9pm and dessert was ALWAYS part of a meal, even at breakfast.
I also was drinking diet pop which I barely EVER have here, however there I was having it at almost every meal. 
OH and lets not forget the Sangria (YUM) ... Yes I might have had a few Pitchers of that.
However I'm happy to report back that even with all that indulging I only managed to gain 3lbs, I attribute this to all the walking one does while on vacation.
One would think that now that I'm back home I would try to make every effort to clean up my diet ... that has NOT been the case. "Tomorrow I another day" that's what I keep telling myself, but then tomorrow comes and I keep reaching for the wrong things. 
I call this a case of the lazies!!
So much easier to settle into old patterns.
???? I'm NOT even sure if ONLY gaining 3lbs is a good thing... is that only making me lazier?
I do miss Running and how I feel after finishing a good run or even when I struggle during my run the feeling is still one of accomplishment. 
I do miss how I feel after drinking an ICE COLD GREEN MONSTER
Healthy and Refreshed 
I say enough with the lazies!! 

How do you deal with a case of the lazies? 

Monday, July 5, 2010

All Vacations must come to an end ...

After 17 beautiful days in Portugal, I am back at home... and suffering from Jet Lag, 3am in Toronto and I'm wide awake.  
We had a great Vacation and everyone had a great time. 
Although I had every intention in running and keeping up with my training, that really didn't happen. My IT Band had other plans for us, after 3 bad runs I decided to rest for the remainder of the vacation. AND yes I will be seeing my Dr ASAP enough procrastinating!!
Here are a few pictures from our vacation ...
our 1st day in Lourinha and the weather was not ideal 

but by the second day things started to turn around 

Feet were finally dipped in the Atlantic Ocean

and the splashing began

Sandcastles were built 

and Boats with Grandma

there was jumping for joy

and lots of Chilling in the sun 

eating Farturas (Portugals version of a Plain Churro) 

licking Cotton Candy off Fingers 

discovering new products 

Fatima was visited 

a Prison in Peniche were Alvaro Cunhal was kept 

Obidos, my favourite place in Portugal 

These are just a few pictures from our trip. 
A more detailed Trip report to follow ... NOW I have to 'run', the kids are up and wanting breakfast. 

Happy Running