Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A case of the Vacation Lazies

Vacations will do that to you and technically I'm still on Vacation... I'm only back to work next Monday and I am glad for that!! 
The time change has sure done a number on our Family.
The kids have been up at 3am every day and barely able to stay up until 7pm, today we managed to get an extra hour of sleep so lets see how that goes. 
We are also having a Heat Wave in Toronto, so I have been avoiding using the washing machine & dryer...  2 weeks vacation means a WHOLE lot of Laundry. Can you feel my pain??
Not being able to do Laundry means I can't really unpack yet, so I have suitcases all over my bedroom. My house is a mess. 
There has also been no running. I don't want to chance making the issue worse (whatever it might be) until I see my Dr, which he can only see me in 2wks... so I have been keeping a low workout profile... alright so there has been NO working out what so ever.
I am also NOT very proud of my eating pattern ... lets just say that all the rules when out the door while on Vacation. There was a whole lot of WHITE bread consumed and even more amounts of butter. 
Dinner was never done before 9pm and dessert was ALWAYS part of a meal, even at breakfast.
I also was drinking diet pop which I barely EVER have here, however there I was having it at almost every meal. 
OH and lets not forget the Sangria (YUM) ... Yes I might have had a few Pitchers of that.
However I'm happy to report back that even with all that indulging I only managed to gain 3lbs, I attribute this to all the walking one does while on vacation.
One would think that now that I'm back home I would try to make every effort to clean up my diet ... that has NOT been the case. "Tomorrow I another day" that's what I keep telling myself, but then tomorrow comes and I keep reaching for the wrong things. 
I call this a case of the lazies!!
So much easier to settle into old patterns.
???? I'm NOT even sure if ONLY gaining 3lbs is a good thing... is that only making me lazier?
I do miss Running and how I feel after finishing a good run or even when I struggle during my run the feeling is still one of accomplishment. 
I do miss how I feel after drinking an ICE COLD GREEN MONSTER
Healthy and Refreshed 
I say enough with the lazies!! 

How do you deal with a case of the lazies? 


Marlene said...

I find it sooo difficult to get back on track after vacation! (Un?)fortunately the scale has been much less kind to me so seeing that number was enough to shake me out of the lazies!

ajh said...

It's hard to get back on track. That first day is the hardest.

Claudia said...

that's the problem!! I almost wish I would have gained more just so it would be a kick in the butt!!

Anne said...

I have a feeling you'll just decide it's time at some point and get back into it...hopefully, pretty soon :)

freak4fitness said...

Vacation does that to a person! Traveling can be exhausting! I think you'll get back on track when your body is ready to. The green monster looks TASTY!