Friday, April 30, 2010

Countdown to Sporting Life

Thank you for all your kind words and support and emails you have been amazing and I'm so blessed to be part of such a great Blogging community! 
Hubby is hanging in... mostly on drugs, but even that doesn't help with the pain. 
Surgery is scheduled for Monday Morning @ 9am, keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan. 
My Mom and Dad have been amazing and so much help. 
I came home today to find a spotless home, THANK YOU MOM!
Dad will be driving me to the Race on Sunday and picking me up at the finish line.  
Hubby obviously can't drive and we are trying to keep him as healthy as possible with the surgery coming up on Monday we don't want him to get sick, so he wont be coming to the race. 
I have to tell you that I was really SAD, OK I actually cried and maybe had small tantrum when I realized that Hubby would not be at the finish line waiting for me. 
It's my First 10k RACE!! and yes it's a big deal to me. 
It's not like I've been an active person and have been running all my life. NO, I just took up running 4 months ago and I think that it a great accomplishment on my part. 
YES it would be great to have him there at the finish line cheering me on BUT there will be MANY more races and honestly I don't expect him to be there at each and every Race I'm going to run. 

Training... I did get a 40minute Run on Wednesday, which was a struggle at first but I manged to hang in there and finish. 
Although I still need to get one more run in until Sunday I decided to not run the rest of the week, I think my legs really needed the break.  
I feel really great about that decision, I cant' wait to run on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it. 

Today I picked up my Race kit for the Sporting Life 10k

I love Race Kits!! 
This one  came with a great white Tech Shirt that I can't wait to wear after the race.

Today I also received this great email from Jess at Halfofjess
Jess reminded me not to stress about it and just really go out and run for the fun, YOU are right Jess. I've been putting way to much stress on training and that just doesn't work for me. 
Jess also decided to be my Personal Cheerleader and I can't thank her enough for that!! 

Now I need your advise... it's supposed to rain on Sunday. I have NEVER ran in the rain, I'm not even sure what to wear, So any advise you have for running a race in the rain would be great.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I just got myself another Child

You know when your phone rings at 11:43pm that nothing good can come of it, even more so if Hubby is playing soccer and that phone rings. 
Well my phone rang last night and it was J Hubby's Best Friend letting me know that Hubby was being taken to the Emergency and they thought he had broken his Collar Bone playing soccer. 
Honestly at that time I was furious, I was so mad at him. I could not believe that I had to go out at that time in that weather, to pick up the car at the Sports Centre and then drive all the way to the hospital to pick him up. 
Mad, I was Mad, Mad, Mad!! 
Buy the time I got to the hospital I wasn't as mad anymore and felt really bad for him. 
Long story short, Hubby has Acromioclavicular Joint Separation Type III and is scheduled for surgery next Monday. 
His arm is in a sling and he is pretty much depended on me for everything. 
Rehabilitation can take up to 3months. 
GREAT I really need another child! 
Sorry, I get really crabby when I don't get my 7-8hrs sleep and right now I'm going on 2hrs of sleep.
Today was supposed to be a run day but it's almost 7pm and with they way I've been eating today and my lack of sleep I don't think running would be a good idea. 
The race is ONLY 4 days away and I still have to get two runs in before Sunday.  
I'm running out of time here.

SO ... my confession for today, when I'm super tired and cranky I like to eat crappy food... I almost feel like I do it to punish myself, to make me feel even worse and more crappier... strange but that's me. 
My first attempt to eat crappy was a FAIL... 
I was really looking forward to having this FULL FAT YUMMY Pasta ... BUT no such luck, when we got home and I dug into it, it was SOOOO spicy it cleared my sinus, even Hubby could not eat it. I was NOT happy.
This is the second time this happens to me at this place and I specifically asked them if the pasta was spicy and was told NO it was NOT. 
Anyway, a big container of this amazing looking Spicy pasta is sitting in my fridge, I might take it to work and feed it to my spicy loving co-workers.

My second attempt:

A "Bola de Berlim", it's a Portuguese version of a Jelly filled Donut. In German it would a Berliner
It has a Lemon/Vanilla cream filling and was VERY YUMMY... but I'm ashamed to say I didn't finish it all, half of it is still sitting waiting for me, I think I can hear it calling my name.

I better go get some rest... I now have 3 children to take care off, a full time job and a 10k to finish training for. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Running and Brunching with Friends

Today was supposed to be 10k training session ... BUT instead I decided to take up my sisters invite to run with her and her Boyfriend in the Upper Beaches. 
My sister just recently started running, however Greg is a seasoned runner who has a marathon under his belt. 
I was very excited!! My first time running with an actual runner!! 
The plan was to run for about 45minutes which was what my training called for (PLUS another 25min running, which didn't happen). My sister was going to try and keep up as much as possible, and I have to say she did really well for a new runner. I don't think I would have been able to keep up with us, but then again Kat bikes everyday to work and is in really great shape.
So out the door we went at 9:30am running straight up... NO warm up? I guess seasoned runners don't need to warm up? NO stretching? I guess they don't do that either?  
Since there was no warm up or stretching and I didn't have Dennis (aka Garmin) turned on when we got outside. Dennis was having a hard time figuring out where the heck I was so it missed the first 10 minutes of our run. 
I used MapMyRun to figure out how much we ran. 
We did manage to get 6.46km in 45minutes. I'm happy with that and I'm NOT going to stress over the 25minutes that I didn't get in. 
I also decided that I'm not going to stress over finishing my training before my 10k on Sunday.
I think it's more important that my legs stay healthy and that I have fun with running and stressing over finishing my 10k run/walk program before the Race has not been fun. 
I'm not sure if I will just skip week 12 of my training and just do 2 session of week 13 leading up to Sunday or if I will run session 1 of week 12 tomorrow and then move on to week 13. Either way I will have 3 runs leading up to the race, which I think should have me prepared for Sunday. 

NOW the Brunching part of my Saturday; 

Brunch today was at Mildred's Temple Kitchen it is located in Liberty village in the west end of Toronto. 

I love Brunch, the kids always eat really well and with a picky eater you can always find something on a brunch menu that they will eat and most choice are healthy, so I tend not to stress over what they pick from the menu.

YUM!! the food was delish, my only complaint would be that their online menu did not match what their actual menu was. 
I like to look at menus online before I go to restaurant so I can have an idea of what my picky eater will have and I find with kids it just makes life easier when I know what to expect from a new restaurant.  
I was looking forward to having the croque monsieur, but unfortunately what was not an option today.

Today was a great day!
I really enjoyed running with my sister and it really is too bad that we live in opposite parts of the city.
Brunching with Friends, what else could you ask for on a Saturday. 
Hope you had a great Saturday!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 11: Session 3 ... yesterday

Thursday was an outside run 
5minute warm up 
40minute run, 1minute walk and 10minute run 
5min cool down
61minutes... I believe I did a bit more then 8k.
Forgot the ipod AGAIN. 
Forgot to load the BlackBerry with music.
Forgot to charge Garmin aka Dennis the Menace.
BUT it still managed to be a good run and easier then I thought it would be. 
When I first start my run I break it down in portions so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 
I tell myself to run for 20mintues and then ONLY another 10minutes and then ONLY another 5minutes and next thing I know I've been running for 40minutes. It really seems to trick my mind in thinking its not a big deal and I can totally do it.
My Girlfriend Claudia, who runs with our Couch-to-5k group decided to join me on part of my run and it was really nice to have some company. 
It's strange to think that just 4 months ago I was in her shoes, not able to run more then 90 seconds and NOW I'm able to run for 40minutes straight. 
If you were to tell me last year that this year I would be running a 10k, I would have called you INSANE!! 
And now look at me... gearing up to run my first 10k in a week. 

Today, was supposed to be Session 1 of week 12... but my shins were just not up to it. BECAUSE yesterday when I got home from my run I was absolutely exhausted and did NOT stretch, did NOT ice... when will I learn?? 
So instead I ran with our Couch-to-5k group, which today was only my 64yr old Mom and my friend Ana. 
This upcoming week I will try to finish what I started 4 months ago, I hope the weather is nice so I can continue running outside and I really hope my legs and shins hold up. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iFitness Mini Sport Belt Review

Today was a well deserved rest day ... I woke up really tired and just felt run down and after looking at my running calendar I realized that I had been running for 6 days straight. 
Whoops how did that happen? 
Well between the Couch-to-5k training with the girls and my 10k training I guess I've been running everyday since last Thursday. YIKES!! 

Monday I got home to find my iFitness Mini Sports belt had arrived, I was so exited!! 
Since the weather is getting warmer I've been running without a jacket, so that means that my Blackberry gets shoved down my pants and doesn't make for a very comfortable run. 
After seeing the belt reviewed on Chicrunner, I knew it was the belt for me with just the right size to fit my Blackberry, iTouch, keys, ID and some cash.   

This is the description from their website; 
  • This unique Mini Sport Bel was designed to fit all your essentials. It will hold a BlackBerry/iPhone and 3-4 GU's.
  •  Stretchable and strong pouch will hold your items close to your body comfortably, without bouncing or riding up.
  • One size fits all (adjustable)
  • Special inner pocket will keep your ID/credit cards in place.
  • Can be used as a race number belt – just pin your race bib.
  • Machine washable – cold, dry flat. 
I've worn it on two of my runs and I have to say I really like it. Yes it's small but for me it's just the right size. It is made out of Lycra so it stretches quite a bit and I was even able to squish my Canon Power Shot in.
It did not ride up or bounce during my run and didn't feel bulky or bother me at all.
I would like to try their Double Pouch belt, which would come in handy on longer runs or perhaps during a race. BUT I'm really happy with this product. 

Hope you had a great Wednesday, running or resting.

Monday, April 19, 2010

week 11: Session 2

It's a beautiful Spring night in Toronto and todays Run was OUTSIDE!! 
5minute warm up 
30minute run, 1minute walk and 20minute run (JUST realized that this was supposed to be a 30min run, 1min walk and 25minute run) OH WELL. I could have run for another 5minutes, so I'm going to say that I absolutely completed this session and move on. 
8.25km (5.12miles) in 61minutes. 
Todays run, although SLOW went so well. I am so pleased and just happy. 
I don't want to say that it was an easy run, because trust me I'm not at the place yet where running is easy, but it could not have gone better today. 
My Shins held up really well, with very little pain and although I was tired it all seems to come together for the perfect run for me. 
Funny... I got home after having one of those days at work and things at home have not been that great either... I don't think I could have run on the treadmill tonight, BUT things changed as soon as I got outside and went for my run. 
I just left everything behind. Running all by myself with no music it was therapeutic, I felt so renewed and ready to tackle whatever was waiting for me at home. 

Tomorrow, I'm training the girls on their Couch-to-5km. 
Wednesday I'm running session 3 of week 11.
Tonight we have a short post ... it's allergy season and my baby boy is really struggling with his allergies and asthma, it's going to be a long night. 

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and kind words. 
THANK You, it means so much to me!! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

week 11: Session 1 redo DONE!!

Friday was an emotional day... and lets leave it at that. 
I was supposed to redo session 1 of week 11 and honestly I could not see myself running for 1hr on the treadmill, I just had NO motivation to do so. 
However the Girls really wanted to run and I'm really glad I ended up going with them.
So out we went for our Couch-to-5k run, we had a great run and my shins held up really well and I felt so much better after. It was really nice running in a group and just clearing my mind. 

TODAY I ran... before my run I decided to give Vega Sport Pre-Workout Sports Beverage a try. 

This is meant to be taken before you work out to help you sustaining energy, enhanced mental focus and increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, also replenishes electrolytes and reduces inflammation, joint and muscle pain to assist recovery. 

I mixed the single serving pouch of the Acai-berry in a cup of ice cold water and although it was a bit grainy I have to say that I was really surprised by how good it tasted, not what I was expecting. 
NOW did it do what it claims it does ... I'm not sure. I felt great during the first portion of my run, but not more then normal. I can't say that I really noticed a difference in my endurance or how great I felt. My tummy was actually not that happy, but I'm not sure if that was because of the Vega or just because. 
I will have to give it another try and see how I do the next time. 

on treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
25 minute run, 1minute walk & 25 minute run (51minutes) 
5 minute cool down 
7k in 61minutes 
As always I have no issues with the first 25 minute run, if that is all I had to do I would fine, it's after the 1 minute walk that things fall apart, AND today was no different. 
I'm not sure why I loose momentum after walking... you would think that the walking break EVEN if just for 1min would let me pick up where I left off and continue a great run. BUT it doesn't, it does the opposite... I get sluggish, can't find my stride, I have a hard time keeping it together, all of sudden I hit a wall and want to give it up. I hate that! 
BUT I hang in there today and finished and I felt so accomplished!! 

After my run I had a BIG TALL glass of Green Smoothie  

Todays Green Smoothie had; 1 cup of Almond Milk, 1 Banana, 1 handful of Frozen Mangos, 1 T of Ground Flax seeds & about 3 cups of Spinach.
LOVE that Green Colour... it felt so refreshing after that very sweaty run!! 

This morning while catching up on my blogs I came across Running Diva Mom's post on the  goodies she received from Girls on The Run for her upcoming race. 
What really hit me was the quote on the Tech-shirt;

Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach.–Dr. George Sheehan 

I don't know why but it just really hit home with me. 

Do you have a favourite quote, that really speaks to you?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

week 11: Session 1 redo not so much ...

on treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
25 minute run, 1 minute walk and 10minute run (36minutes) 
5 minute cool down 
4.5km in 45 minutes
I was supposed to Run 25min, walk 1min Run 25minutes ... SO I was 15minutes short on my running portion. 
The first 25minutes went really well but after my 1min walk it just all fell apart... kids were hungry and it was already 6:15p and I still had to stretch and make dinner, my legs were heavy, my calf was hurting.
Honestly, I did not want to run today, my head just wasn't in it and I didn't feel great after I ran. 
I felt quite discouraged with myself. Tell me WHY I am doing this again? 

I ran with my Couch-to-5k group on Tuesday and decided to take Yesterday off running, which set me back one day on my training.  That meant I had to run today,  pushing my training back another day was not an option. 
Well, it didn't go so great... looks like I will need to redo todays session tomorrow.

This is what's left on my The Beginning Runners Handbook 13 wk walk/run Program, I have 2 weeks to complete it before my Race. 

Week 11
Session 1 (51 minutes) Run 25 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Run 25 minutes.
Session 2 (56 minutes) Run 30 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Run 25 minutes.
Session 3 (51 minutes) Run 40 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Run 10 minutes.

Week 12
Session 1 (66 minutes) Run 45 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Run 20 minutes.
Session 2 (66 minutes) Run 50 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Run 15 minutes.
Session 3 (45 minutes) Run 45 minutes.

Week 13
Session 1 (50 minutes) Run 50 minutes.
Session 2 (40 minutes) Run 40 minutes.
Session 3 (60 minutes) Complete your first 10-k event  

The 10k event I picked is Sporting Life 10k on May 2nd. 
Feeling a little overwhelmed right now...

Monday, April 12, 2010

week 10: Session 3 redo

Run on treadmill 
5 minute warm up
22 minutes run, 1 minute walk and 22 minutes run (45 minutes) 
5 minute cool down 
55 minutes and the treadmill said I did 6k which we already established is wrong. 
If I look back at Week 10: session 3 on March 5th I ran 7.64km according to Garmin, I'd like to think that I would have run about the same km today. 
Todays run went alright, my shins were hurting the whole time and the last 10 minutes were really hard. Honestly I did really crapy with my eating this afternoon... I had a slice of cake and it was loaded with sugar. I know I really should know better, that certainly wasn't fuel for my run and I felt it the whole way... BLAH!! 
As you can tell I didn't run Saturday and there was also no Couch-to-5K run on Friday with Girls since it was snowing. We did run on Sunday and it was an easy 3.75km jog for me. 
I've been really stepping it up on my stretching with all this running, once I get home from my run I always do about 20minutes of Yoga/running stretches. I also started icing my shins at night, every night!! My shins always feel much better... I just hope that I don't have to deal with this too much longer. I just want to run pain free, is that too much to ask for?
This week there will be running EVERYDAY! This the MOST running I have ever done... I'm a little worried that I wont be able to keep it up.
Tuesday, Friday & Sunday Couch-to-5k with the girls. 
Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Week 11 of my running program... there will be no rest day until Thursday April 22nd. 
Wish me luck!

Have you ever committed to running with friends and then realized that perhaps you've bitten off more then you can chew and it's affecting your training? 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 10: Session 2 redo

on treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
20 minute run, 1minutes walk and 20 minute run (41minutes) 
5 minute cool down 
5.5k (so the treadmill says) 51 minutes
I say it again ... that treadmill is wrong wrong wrong! I ran my butt off in those 40minutes so I don't get 5.5km... it had to be more. 
Today's run was a great. I'm slowly getting my endurance back and had no issues running for 40 minutes. I felt great, not out of breath and just really felt like I could go forever. 
NOW my legs had other plans... my shins started hurting right away, then my calf started. 
I really had to try to ignore what my legs wanted to do, which was NOTHING... they wanted me to go sit on the couch! BUT I was able to put it out of my mind and kept going, I was not going to listen to my legs and finished strong. 
After my run I stretched and then iced down my shins, something I have been doing for a couple of days now and I find that it's really helped with the pain.  I tend to feel fine during the day, it's just during my run that I feel some shin pain, but it's much better. 

My Couch-to-5k group didn't run Yesterday due to rain, we are NOT that hard core yet!!  But we are getting together tomorrow for our second run, should be fun. 
My next session will be on Saturday. 
With running 6 times a week I would like to find time to get some Core workouts in and perhaps weights, I feel like my core could really use the help... BUT I don't know if I'm being realistic with that. In 4 months I go from not working out at all to running 6 times a week... I might be pushing it, so we will see what I can come up with.  

I also signed up for my next race, Toronto Women's 5k on August 28th, really looking forward to beating my current PR of 34:17 (I can't believe I just said that). My girlfriends who are doing the Couch-to-5k and my sister will also be joining me on that race. 
Should be a fun event!!  

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 10: Session 1 redo

So here I am back at  Week 10 of the 13 week walk/run Program which I started in December.
13 weeks have come and gone and I've completed 10 weeks of the program and one failed attempt at week 11. Finally after a 4 week break from the program, due to my shin splints/calf pain and getting ready for the 5k, I'm back to redo week 10. 
This means there is no time to fail, no more redo of weeks. I'm running a 10k in 4 weeks, the exact amount of weeks I will need to finish this walk/run program.
AND on top of that on my rest days I'm running a Couch-to-5k Running Plan with my 3 Girlfriends and my 64 year old mom, who feel inspired by my 5k race and now want to join in the fun that is running. I know, I know ... I think I've bitten of more then I can chew, we will have to see how it goes. The MOST I would be walk/running in the 5K running plan would be 30minutes and I think that I could totally manage that IF I really take care of my legs and stretch and ice and get proper rest. 

Yesterday was our first day of the Couch-to-5k, the session lasted about 30minutes with cool down and warm up. Everyone did really well and I was so proud of my mom for keeping up with all the young chicks. GO MOM!! 
This morning, even after cool down and stretching my shins were in pain (both of them). I was NOT happy!! I felt great during Saturday race, NO pain what-so-ever NADA, I felt great during yesterdays run and then this morning I woke up in pain. 
So frustrating, but even in pain I decided I was going to give week 10: session 1 a run.

on treadmill
5 minute warm up 
run 10minutes and walk 1minute (repeat 4 times/ 44minutes) 
5 minute Cool down 
54minutes, the treadmill said that I ran 5.5km BUT I think it lied! it is a LIAR!! 
I think I ran further then that. FOR SURE!! 
Hubby has been telling me for a while that it was off but I just didn't believe him, but after running the race on Saturday I absolutely feel like I've been running a lot more then what it has been telling me.

Todays run SUCKED!! My shins hurt, my legs hurt! I did NOT enjoy it at all. 
I wanted to quit. 
I wanted it to be over. 
WHY am I still running when I already have a medal to prove that I can run? 
WHY should I run a 10k, no one needs to run that far. 
I hate days like these, it's all a mind game and so easy to just give into it and give up and were it a year ago I would have walked away from it. 
BUT today was different I want to be here. I don't want to go back to sitting on the couch watching my life pass me by. 
I can do this. 
YES the pain sucks. 
YES it's not fun all the time. 
BUT in the end it's so worth it, I've never been more proud of myself and what I have accomplished in such a short time. 

Tomorrow, running with the girls and Thursday session 2 of week 10.  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Harry's Spring Run Off 5K Race Recap

I could NOT have asked for a better day to have my First Race. The Sun was out  and they were calling for a high of 25C!! 
Harry's Spring Run Off took place at Hight Park, which is situated in the west end of our beautiful city that is Toronto. It is a beautiful oasis in the city and VERY HILLY, just ask my my Quadriceps today!! They are not loving me.

I actually managed to get a good 7hrs of sleep, the trick was not to think about it... after all it was just another 5k run, no big deal. 

I decided that I was going to keep breakfast simple ; Oatmeal with 1/2 Banana and a handful of frozen Mango pieces and a Cup of Green tea. I passed on my regular cup of Coffee, simply because it sometimes tends to give me an upset tummy and as much as I LOVE it I think it was going to do more good the harm.  Breakfast was at 8am and the race was only at 11:15am, the Oatmeal held me up way past the race and no tummy issues. I think that this was a great combo and will certainly carry this forward to my next race day breakfast.

I was fairly relax and trying no to stress about the race.  
As we were leaving the house, my sister called to inform me that she was at the Park and totally forgot to bring me her fuel belt but was willing to run home and get it.  No Fuel Belt, it's not the end of the world... Looking back I didn't need it at all, there were water stations along the way and I managed just fine without it. I also drank some Coconut water in the morning before the race which kept me hydrated.

Me and my lovely sister and her bunny ears!!

At 9:45am we finally arrive at the Park and I made my way to the ChampionChip Booth to pick up my Chip. The Time Chip was on a lovely Velcro band which you had to wear on your Ankle, this little device gets you an official race result.

Lovely... I was worried that it was going to bother me while running, but I'm happy to say I didn't even notice it was there. 

We did get there 1 1/2 before the race, which I didn't mind. It gave me a chance to get used to the atmosphere and check out the competition (just kidding). We also got to see the 8k runners, which the race had started at 10am... the winner of that race came in @ 23:58:9 min, CRAZY TIME!! 

At around 10:30am I decided it was time to hit the Port-a-Potty ....

This look says it all ... 

After this ... it was time to warm up and do some stretches and make my way to the Corals. On the way to the corals I ran into some more Pot-a-potty's and decided to hit it up one more time... just to make sure I got it all out. 
Said goodbye to the family, told then to look out for me at around the 40-45min mark and headed out on my own... 

When I signed up for the race back in February I ended up picking the last coral with the finishing time of 36min+ which also includes walkers and people with jogging strollers. 
I felt comfortable with this time, since I was expecting to finish around 45minutes.  But I didn't take inconsideration that I would have to run around walkers and strollers. 
I decided to position myself at the front of the coral so I could be with mostly runners. This worked out great, however I still had to run around people.

Standing there by myself was when I started to 'freak out'. There were runners all around me, mostly with their friends, not many lonely runners like me. I almost had tears in my eyes... tears of fear/happiness... it's hard to explain. A year ago I would have NEVER pictured me here in this place. I've never been one to take risks, to go out and do something by myself, to challenge myself like this. It was a strange place to be, strange but good. 

At 11:15am the race gun went off and slowly we started walking towards the starting line, I hit play on my ipod Shuffle ... I would say it took me about 2minutes to finally get to the starting line.  Once at the starting line I hit the start button my Garmin and off I went. I tried to remember what my pace I usually run at on the treadmill, I didn't want to run too fast and then end up struggling at the end. Listening to the music certainly helped me find my pace, I did find that I was running a little fast but was comfortable with it. 
The 1st km when by really fast and I was SUPER Parched, all I could think about was water... my mouth was SOOOOOO dry. Thinking back now I don't think I was thirsty, it was more my nerves getting the best of me. At the 1km mark the first water station, I quickly figured out where to position myself, the fist table was Gatorade (pass) and the second water. Funny the things you learn from blogs ... Pinch the Cup and Drink!! Worked like a charm!! 
I checked Garmin and realized that I was running way too quick (for me), but I was feeling good and pain free.  Down the Hill and around the Pond and back into the Park where they had another water station which I took advantage of. My legs were feeling great, still pain free!! 
The next km's went by really quick and when I checked the Garmin I could not believe how close the finish line was and HOW quick my pace was compared to what I usually run at.
I had told myself that I would need to run for at least 30minutes before taking a 1min walking break... which happened shortly after the 4k mark and before the BIG HILL to the finish line! Let me thank the organizers of this event for placing a finish line at the Top of a hill, THANKS that was really great!! 
At this point there were a lot of runners taking walking breaks, which made me feel better about taking one. I probably walked up half the hill. Once I saw the people cheering and knew that the finish line was right there I started to run again and quickly picked up my pace and started to sprint. 
I was worried that my Family would not be at the finish line, I told them I would be about 40-45mintues and I was 5minutes early... what if they missed it??
When I hit the top of the hill I started to look around for them and then I saw them just before the finish line... I honestly wanted to cry!! BUT then I saw the timer and I really wanted to cry. WOW, are you serious?? Amazing!! I was so Happy and in disbelieve with my time and how well the race went.  

I threw my hands up in the air as I ran across the finish line, really hope I get a good Race photo!! 

Me and my First Medal 
Chip time: 34:17.8
Overall: 1100/1633
Females: 485/853
F35-39: 64/110

I'm extremely happy with my result, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect first Race experience!! 

Everyone got medals, Caps and a nice Long-sleved Tech Shirt. Overall it was an Amazing experience and I can't wait to do it all again next year, perhaps the 8k. 
I absolutely recommend this race. 

I did treat myself to an amazing celebration lunch...

I wore my medal the rest of the day ... yes even grocery shopping!! I'm even thinking that I might wear it to work tomorrow, along with the Tech Shirt... mmm maybe not, they already think I'm a bit crazy. 

Sorry this post got REALLY LONG... But it's my first Race Recap. 
What's the moral of this story, well If I can run a 5k Race ANYONE can run a 5k, trust me!!
I highly recommend it!! 

What's next you ask? I'll have to finish my 10k walk/run program and I have a 10k Race on May 2nd!! 
Thanks for all your support and hope you had a great Easter!!  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

and so I ran Harry's 5k Spring Run Off and lived to tell the tale!!

Pace time 34:17min!!! Are you kidding me?? AND I walked up the BIG Hill of Death. 
I guess I got my First PR (personal record) and I have to say I'm VERY VERY Happy with it. 
I will post a detailed Race Report Tomorrow but for now I leave you with a picture of me and my BLING!! 

The look of my face is one of sheer surprise and disbelieve that I finished under 40minutes!! 
Thank you all so much for your support and kind words, I don't think I could have done it without you!! !! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Countdown to Harry

2 more days until my first ever race Harry's Spring Run Off 5k 

How am I doing?
I'm a mess! 
What was I thinking? 
Honestly? ME running in a race?? 
Oh and did I mention I'm doing this by myself? No running buddy, No running group support. All Alone. 
It was crazy enough to think that I could teach myself to run BUT to actually enter a race? 
Well too late to back out now ... 
The past few days I have been really second guessing myself. Spending too much time reading Fellow Bloggers 1st time 5k race reports, and all these ladies had amazing first time results coming in under 30minutes... WELL that wont be me, maybe I'll be able to outrun the Turtles? 
Monday I ran 3km on the treadmill in 27minutes. BOOO!!
Wednesday I ran 2km on the treadmill in 17minutes. BOOO!! 
Wednesday was also the day I picked up my 1st EVER Race Kit.

The Race Kit contained a New Balance Technical Shirt, which I must say is really nice, good quality and fits me really well and LOVE the colour!!
There was also my Race Bib Number: 4264 ... 26, is my number!! It happens to be my Birth day!! HOW freaky is that??
There was also an Oasis Fruit juice sample, an iRun Magazine and some pamphlets for races   around Ontario.  
Notice the 10k Sportinglife race pamphlet, YUP that's my next race... only 1 months away. Which means I still need to finish what I started in December 09 the 13 week run/walk program.
BUT right now I need to concentrate on Harry, Saturday @ 11am I will running my first Race EVER!! !! 
Planing on walking Harry tomorrow,  so I can get a feel for the race course. Maybe that's a bad idea... maybe it's better not knowing what's in store. 
OH, I'm also wearing a Hydration belt on race day... I know it's only a 5k BUT I get parched!! Plus they are calling for 77F/25C and that's HOT for me I need me some water. How do you feel about that? 

So my Friends I ask you this today;
Do you have any race day tips for me?