Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thank you

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words on my last post. 
You have been such great support to me. 


I'm not quite sure what to say ... I've been MIA from my life. 
There has been no blogging (as might have noticed) because really there was nothing to blog about since there has been no running no workouts what's so ever. 
I am dealing with some personal issues. 
Some days are good days, some days are not so good... you know the kind you want to spend in your pj's all day eating chips and watching soaps. 
I'm happy to say that it hasn't affect my healthy eating, yes I am craving more comfort food, but I'm learning to work around that. 
I try to not reach for the chips and dip, but have Salsa and Mary's crackers. 
There might have been some Poutine and Halloween has NOT been my Friend, I wasn't able to resists those tiny tiny chocolate bars. 

I'm trying to remember to take deep breaths and take each day as it comes. 
I want to get back into running asap. 
I LOVE how it makes me feel and I think that more then ever I need it in my life and I miss it. 
Hopefully My IT Band is fully healed and there will be running this weekend. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween, in case you were wondering if I did end up dressing up as a Zombie Bride... I did NOT... however I was a Black Widow. 

Black Widow... complete with Life Insurance Policy

happy running


Aneta said...

hopefully whatever is happening in your life is cleared up soon and you are back at it once again.


also, awesome costume!

Jenna Renee said...

Sorry you have been down lately. This time of year seems to be hard on lots of people. Love your costume! I didn't dress up this year...

Anne said...

Sorry to hear you're dealing with issues that affect your motivation and energy. Hope you feel better soon...Hugs ((()))

ajh said...

Love love love the black widow! Very clever and you looked great!

Kirsten said...

Love the costume! Take care of yourself and hope you start to feel better soon.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear your life has been so crazy lately! I hope whatever is going on is resolved soon! :0) Love the costume! Very clever idea!

Her Name is Rio said...

One day at a time. Hoping things improve soon!

Laura said...

Chin up..
Love the costume!!

Mae Flowers said...

I hope everything turns around soon.

I love the costume!!

Nej said...

The life insurance policy is a great touch!!!!

Hope everything smooths over for you soon!!!!!

Marlene said...

Wishing you continued strength to get through the tough time! {hugs}

Michelle said...

Hope whatever you're dealing with passes soon. Take care of yourself!