Monday, October 4, 2010

Turn a New Leaf

I love turning the page on the Calendar. 
Lets start over, so last month wasn't so great but this month you have a chance to make it better. 
So let's just forget September and move on and make October great! 
Enough with feeling sorry for myself about not having an oh so great running season, there is always next year. 
It's not a failure, its just a set back. 
My IT Band problems continue and after seeing my Family Doctor, who happens to be a Runner with 2 half Marathons and 1 Marathon Medals sitting at home, I have decided to give running a break and work on my Core.  
He doesn't want me to loose my fitness level, so for now twice a week I will be running for 10min as a warm up and the rest of my workout should be on the stationary bike or perhaps spinning class (which scares me!!) for a total of 45min. 
Three Days out of the week I will be working on my Core Conditioning, for that I have picked up a book from the Core Performance line, which Lisa at Vegan Cookbook Critic suggested I try. 

With the kids back to school and work being busy as always I find that I'm having a really hard time finding time to work out after work. 
So today I broke down and set foot in a gym after 13years!! GAHHHHHH!!!! 
I HATE GYMS! I hate the sale pitch! I hate that they make you feel really unfit and that you need YEARS in the gym before you can look like them.  I hate that they all have like 0% body fat. Well you get the point. I don't like gyms. 
BUT right now they only way I can see myself working out is during my lunch hour. 
Turns out the Sales pitch wasn't so bad and if I can get over the price shock, I think I found a gym. 
I'm going in for my first work out tomorrow, so we will see how it goes. 
Hopefully I will be back to running in no time! 

Happy running


Her Name is Rio said...

You can do it! Hang in there!

David H. said...

I hope your ITB problems get better. Your plan sounds good. I had similar issues about 4 years ago and taking a brief break helped tremendously and I haven't had those issues since.

Anne said...

Smart move to join a'll be more likely to get your workouts in...especially considering the price :)

Sorry your IT band is still giving you trouble...hopefully some time off will be the key and you'll come back stronger than ever!

Michelle said...

I can so sympathize with the ITB issues! I think your plan sounds like a good one! Hang in there!!

Marlene said...

Here's to the new month! Have a great one!

freak4fitness said...

Lucky you to find a gym on the 1st try! I went to a gym today & was not sold. Ugh, more sales pitches for me!
I'm willing to bet you're going to find you really like spinning. Don't be scared, turn over that leaf! :)

Cathy said...

Yea for you! I hate the sales pitches too! My gym is locally run. When I walk in, everyone there knows my name! It actually keeps me going back. I tried the chain gyms and hated them - felt like a number.

Good luck!

Kirsten said...

Hate sales pitches. I hope you find a gym that you like. I really enjoy spinning classes, so if you get the chance give it a go! Is a great way to get out frustration and is usually a fun way to exercise!

Jennifer said...

Hi. I am new to your blog.I was just reading your post about your first race. I just had mine last weekend and i felt so many of the same things! I have a blog too if you are interested.


Andrew Opala said...

I think you have a great attitude - it's not the times you fall, that decide you are a loser, but the times you get up that decide you are a winner.

Sounds like of got a plan!!

Buona Fortuna!

Thomas Bussiere said...

IT band – It took me 2 months to work this out when I started to run for distance. I almost gave it up, but so glad I stuck with it. Injuries really test us, but makes us stronger in the long run. I like your mindset going into Oct. And the core training, along with cycling, will make you a stronger runner. Keep it going.

Nancy said...

Claudia, I can so relate to the need to feel the possibilities when you flip that calendar page rather than the regrets! As you know, I pretty much lost the month of September to Shingles, so I really get it. I am happy to say that October has already brought me a new 5k PR! As for the gym, I work at a state university and they built a new Recreation & Fitness Center right next door to my building 2 years ago. I told myself if I couldn't drag my tush across the street then there was no hope for me at all! It is not cheap and there are tons of nubile young skinny college students there all the time. But I have learned to see the other people, too. When I bother to notice, I see people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities who are really trying to improve their health, just like me. It also helps that the building is "green"--lots of wood and natural light and windows facing the woods. I would highly recommend finding a space you can enjoy being in if possible. Good luck!