Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celebrating 13

Yesterday, Hubby and I Celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary 

August 9th, 1997 

I remember the day like  it was yesterday, I can't believe 13 years have come and gone!!

June 2010

We had dinner at Spuntini an Italian Restaurant centrally located in Yorkville Village in Toronto. Yorkville is know for it's upscale shopping, restaurants and Five Star Hotels, it is also an excellent place to go for celebrity-spotting... no such luck last night :( 

Spuntini servers homemade pasta and fresh seafood, I couldn't not think of a better place to Celebrate. I love Italian food and so does Hubby. 
From the outside it looks like a Restaurant you would see in Europe, very inviting and comforting... almost out of the pages of Eat, Pray, Love.

Inside tables are lit with Candles in a intimate atmosphere, I have to say it was quite a challenge to take pictures of our meals since the lighting was so low. 
To start we had the Cozze Marinara (sauteed P.E.I cultivated Mussels with roasted garlic in a fresh herb tomato broth with a splash of white wine), sorry no pictures of the Mussels as the picture came out to dark but just take my word that they looked as good as they tasted. YUM!!

For the main course Hubby had Linguine Frutti Di Mare (Linguine tossed with sauteed mussels, calamari, shrimp and baby clams in a white wine and fresh garlic sauce with green onions & cherry tomatoes) 

No surprise here, the seafood in this dish was very fresh and the sauce was light. I liked that it wasn't in a cream sauce like you see in so many other restaurants. 

I had the Ravioli Di Soraia (Square ravioli pasta stuffed with lobster and crab in a cognac lobster bisque with shallots) 

I liked the ravioli, but I wasn't crazy about them... maybe because the sauce reminded me of Chef Boyardee. It was good, but it's wasn't OMG I died and gone to heave good. 
Hubby wins choice of the night! 

For Dessert I had Mango Creme Brule (Traditional French custard with Caramelized sugar with a scoop of mango sorbet) 

I LOVE Creme Brule... if it's on the menu I will have it every time. I've never had Creme Brule with ice cream/sorbet on top and I was skeptical, why mess with tradition? why mess with something that's already good. 
I have to say that it was very good, the sorbet was slowly melting on top of the caramelized sugar and it all came together very nicely. I can see endless possibilities with this.

Hubby had the Dulce De Leche Cheesecake (An Argentinean recipe, infused cheesecake with a layer of reduced sweet condensed milk), which happens to be Spuntinis most request dessert. 

Hello!! YUMMYLICIOUS! I'm so glad Hubby likes to share!! 
I would say Hubby probably had the better dessert as well. 

We had a lovely dinner at Spuntini's, the service was great and the staff was very friendly. Certainly will be back!! 

Happy Running! 


Therese said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Yum to mango creme brulee!

Leah B. said...

Happy Anniversary! It looks like you guys had a good dinner and dessert looks amazing!

Tricia said...

happy anniversary

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

You dinner looks fabulous!! Happy Anniversary to you both. :)

So Very Fit said...

Sounds like you had a great time, that's so awesome. 13 years is a big deal, congrats!

Your desserts look amazing. :)

ajh said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marlene said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you enjoyed your dinner - it looks like a nice place!

Laura said...

Happy anniversary! That restaurant looks great - I am always on the lookout for new places to go.

Bethany + Ryan said...

happy anniversary!! no offense, but you both look younger now than you did 13 years ago!! congrats!

Cathy said...

Those desserts look fabulous! Thanks - now I have an unbelievable craving for cheesecake!

Happy Anniversary!

Andrew Opala said...

Happy Anniversary! Mouthwatering meal - I love Chef Boyardee ... but the Beefaroni - the ravioli make me puke.

Running Librarian said...

Happy Anniversary!

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a nice dinner together!

Robin said...

Happy Anniversary!

freak4fitness said...

Congratulations!! :) Looks like you had a fantastic anniversary! Drrrroooool! :)

Lisa said...

What a romantic looking restaurant!!