Sunday, August 22, 2010

It really does work!!

Yes, Yes it does really work. 
The IT Band Wrap really works!!
I know, I was the first to be skeptical how a simple band around your leg could make all the pain go away. 
But after yesterdays pain free 5k run I am a believer, this was my second pain free run with the IT Band wrap. 
I have been running on the treadmill, my PT told me to keep my running surface fairly flat and even, and around where I live it's just not possible. I live in a fairly hilly area of Toronto and the pavement is not even at all. 
I actually don't mind running on the treadmill, it's where I started off and I'm sure once the winter months come around it's where I will be doing most of my running. 
I had a GREAT 40min run yesterday, I actually could not believe it and was waiting for the pain to start after 30min but it never came. I could have run for another 10min I'm sure, but wanted to play it safe and didn't want to push it. 
With the race only 5 days away I'm feeling really confident and excited to be racing on Saturday. 
I really haven't followed any training plans for this race since I have been running injured since May, not sure if that is a good thing or not. I will try to get 3 more runs in before Thursday, giving myself 2 rest days before the race and hope for the best come Saturday. 
I know I already said this... but I'm super excited for Saturday!! 
The plan for this week is to eat really clean, get plenty of sleep, lots of IT Band stretching, using the Foam roller everyday and my strengthening exercises for my Abs and Hip. 
I'm seeing my PT tomorrow for our weekly appointment, I'm not sure if I should tell her I'm using the IT Band Wrap... I almost feel like I'm cheating on her. 

Happy Running 


Aneta said...

yay! thats awesome that it helped!

Leah B. said...

Glad you are feeling better and the wrap is working! Good luck this Saturday :)

ajh said...

Let's hope we both have good races this weekend and our injuries don't flare up!

freak4fitness said...

Awesome! Glad it's working!!
WooHooo I'm excited for Saturday too! :)
Good luck!!

Megan said...

Glad you found a soln to the pain. Good luck on the race. Should be fun. I love racing.