Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy Busy Life and running

I love when life gets busy, but I hate when life gets busy... does that even make sense? 
May is my favorite time at work. 
We are crazy busy and it's only going to get worse until June 4th. 
Before running, crazy busy May was challenge trying to schedule in work, home life,working weekends and birthday parties. 
NOW we have added running and blogging to the mix which is turning out to be a bit CRAZY. 
OH and lets not forget Hubby recovering form shoulder surgery. 

Last week I still managed to find time to run 6 days. 
I'm really happy I did get my butt out even when I was really tired and didn't think I could do it because I felt so much better after.  

I still haven't decided on my next race. 
I think I might only do the 5k on July 11th instead of the 10miles. I know it seems like I'm cheating running another 5k instead of pushing myself to the next level. 
I just don't think I could swing training in the next 2 weeks.
My longest run has been 7k and that was a struggle, my IT band is still bothering me. 
My Best Friends has been ICE and Stretching.  
I've been following the Hal Higdon15K training just in case I do decided to go for it. 
I kind of felt a bit lost after finishing the 10k, I wasn't sure how to continue with my running. 
Being on a training plan ensures that I am out there running at least 3 times a week while continuing to improve on my running and add millage. 

How do you handle busy work/home life while training?


ajh said...

It's always a challenge. Each Sunday I look at my coming week and plan my workouts around my schedule. I also use Hal Higdon a lot. I don't necessarily do the workouts in the recommended order but go by my life. And pretty much if I plan it I do it.

Marlene said...

Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling! I schedule my runs like it's an appointment not to be missed. Some weeks it's difficult, but there's always a way to gt it done. Morning running, lunch running, evening running.

Emz said...


They save me. I can get everything "in" as long as I get my workout in [first &] early. ;)

Anonymous said...

I usually ask, beg, plead, bribe my friends and family to take care of my daughter while I go run. Does not always work which is why my training is sloppy.

Anne said...

Having adult children helps...

It doesn't matter what distance you run, what matters is that you run :) :)

Linzi (Destination 26.2) said...

I love to have a full calendar, as it forces me to be on my toes and get everything done. It can be tricky at times though. I love to have a training plan too because it tells me what I am supposed to do when. So I don't have to think do I want to run today and how long/far? I just look at the plan and go with it. I think it's probably good to do the 5k if you don't feel you are quite ready for the 10 miles. I try not to freak myself out though, because I know if I can run a 10k I can do more. But if you are injured I would do what you are doing, just be aware and take it day by day.

Samantha said...

I think the biggest thing that keeps me on track when my life gets hectic is knowing that if I don't get out and run or go to boxing or spinning I will really start to feel the weight of the world that is resting on my shoulders. I used to get sidetracked too easily but over time I have learned that making time for me makes everything else easier to manage.

It sounds like you are signing up for the Acura race...maybe I will see you there if you decide to go with the 10 Mile :)

H Love said...

what do you do to keep you I.T. in check? Do you use a foam roller?

Claudia said...

H Love, just left a comment on your blog regarding the IT Band.
I've been icing and stretching Morning and night. It helps.
I seem to able to get 2 miles of running in at a time and sometimes even 3 but shortly after the I.T Band starts to act up again. NOT FUN!
I really need to pick up a foam roller.

celmore said...

Early morning training is the only way I can get it all in.

Definitely get a foam roller. It’s an athlete’s staple!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think it's a good idea to stick with what you KNOW you can handle. No sense in stressing yourself out trying to go for extra mileage if it's going to be too much while you're in a busy time of the year. Don't feel like it's cheatting. You'll do it when you can.

How do I handle busy work/home life while training? I pull my hair out. Then I calm down & look at my schedule closely. If I have to, I'll get up at 4AM to get that run in.

Good luck fitting it all in. You're determined, you'll do it!

Jennifer said...

I'm about to have my 2nd baby (just a few more days) and I'm sure I'll be trying to figure out how to handle my home life with my running life. These comments really helped. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, new reader here. 3 kids, work outside the home full time...the only way I get my runs done is at 5:30 am. The only way. I'm used to it now, but I can honestly say on my rest days when I don't have to get up, I feel like something is missing.
Fun blog. Sometimes its hard to find mommy/running blogs. Hard to compare myself the the "no children" folk who have a touch more time than I.