Monday, May 10, 2010

Here comes the Sun

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! 
Thanks to all the well wishes.
It's has been a lot of 'sweat' to get to where I am today and I am so happy that I believed in myself and did NOT give up like so many times before. 
I honestly could NOT have done it without all your support and encouragement and learning from some of the seasoned runners.

now back to regular scheduled blogging...
Finally a good pain free run. I've been Icing and stretching everyday and low and behold I actually had a great run today.  
I felt Amazing and LOVED my run today.
I decided to take a 14min warm up walk, stopped and stretched and then ran for 35minutes followed by another 14min cool down walk. Success!! 
7.34km in 1:04hr, glad I'm back to running
Why is it that it always takes me the 1st mile to settle into my run? I was huffing and puffing for the 1st mile, having a hard time finding my pace but after that 1mile things start to settle in and the rest when great. 

This past week has been really challenging to find time to run. 
With hubby recovering from surgery there just doesn't seem to be any extra time for me. 
Run home from work and make dinner, help kids with homework, eat dinner, clean kitchen, prep for breakfast, make lunches, help kids with bed time. It's like I'm a single mom with 3 kids ... you get the point, I'm non stop busy. 
It has been really frustrating and the lack of sleep certainly doesn't help. 
I get really cranky when I don't get my 8hrs sleep. 
I'm even thinking that I might need to start running in the morning before work! 
That would mean I would have to be up by 5am!! 
Double YIKES!! 
I simply don't know if I can pull that off... something to think about.

What's next on my running agenda you might ask... well since today's run went so great and I have renewed confidence in my running I'm looking at signing up for the Acura Toronto 10-Miler
My only concern is that this race is on July 11th which is exactly one week after I come back from my 2 week Vacation in Portugal. 
Will I be able to get 6 training runs in while on Vacation?  
I think that would be a big accomplishment, I've never even visited the gym while on vacation never mind going for a run. 

How do you insure you keep up your training while on Vacation in a different Country?  


ajh said...

I LOVE running in new places on vacation so this would be a treat for me. Just the way I'm built I guess!

Anne said...

I always find the first km or so the hardest when I takes me about that long to settle into my groove. Yay for a painfree run!

Marlene said...

Glad you had a great pain-free run!

I've never run the Acura 10-miler, but I do love that distance. I think you'll like it!

As for training on vacation... I have yet to siccessfully do that. :/

chris mcpeake said...

Can be a really hard thing to training during a vacation.. I have never been able to do this. Good luck at the 10 miler. Not sure if I am going to do it this year again or not

Scarlett Elliewood said...

It can definitely be hard to run while on vacation and especially in a different country. I find it helpful to ask just about everyone if they know of any good routes. It always turns out that someone's uncle or wife or second cousin is a running fanatic just waiting to show you the greatest places to run.

Nicole said...

That's amazing your thinking about signing up for a 10 miler! Can you call the place where you wil be staying and ask about running routes? That's what I usually do!

Jess said...

You go for a run on the beach or around the vacation spots you're visiting. I'm sure you can google it. There ARE runners in other countries too :) You can see where people train there and what not. I don't think you'd need to train THAT intensely since you're on holiday, but to keep up some cardio, it'd be nice to get some short runs in.

I'm glad you had a pain-free run!

It always takes me a mile to settle in too. I think it's just because our bodies are warming up. It's funny though because I always run the first mile the fastest, even though I usually don't want to run the first mile. Strange how things work.

freak4fitness said...

Good run! Way to go!

Hmm, running on vacation, I'm probably not helpful on this one because I've never left town for more than 5 days..And my vacations usually include activity like hiking/swimming/biking so I never worried about sneaking a run in.

My best advice is to wake up a few minutes early while everyone else is snoozing in and sneak in a run.

Hope you get it worked out!

whataboutsummer said...

I'm always afraid to run so early in the AM; who know what is waiting out there. it is so hard to fit runs in, but when I haven't had time I make sure the run that I do is high quality. running does always make your soul feel better once you're home!