Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Two Lovely Ladies tagged me for the Versatile Blogger Awards,  Linz @ Destination 26.2 and Paige @ Two Runners and a Brown Dog head on over and check out their blogs!! 
Thank you I'll gladly accept the awards.

The rules of the award state that I must list 7 things about myself, and then pass the award/challenge to 7 other bloggers.  That's going to be tough!

1. My Parents are Portuguese, I was born in Germany lived there for 13 years and now live in Canada. 

2. I'm scared of Chickens, you can't trust them ... they always look like they are ready to attack you and up to no good. 

3. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Paris, Love the food, the culture, the people. 

4. I met my Husband when I was 19 and we have been together for 18 years. This year we are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. 

5. I HATE to Fly, ever since I've had my kids I get terrible anxiety.  Before meeting my husband I was even considering working as a Flight Attendant because I loved to travel so much. 

6. My First Car was a Datsun... according to Dad it was a cool car, I didn't think so at the time. I've learned that Dad knows what he is talking about... well sometimes.

7. I've worked for the same company for 16 years and LOVE my job. 

Some of you may have been tagged already but if not…..TAG YOUR IT!
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This week will be crazy at work. Long days and working on the weekend. 
My Runs have all been very brief, all I'm able to get in is 3km of straight running after that it's all down hill. I know I should really see my Dr and confirm that this is indeed my IT Band, but I don't think it will happen this week being this busy at work.

Wishing you all happy Running!!


Emz said...

I feel your pain on #5. HATE IT!!!

Yay for loving our job. I do too! Makes life so much more enjoyable doesn't it!? :)

Jess said...

LOL. You're scared of chickens? I'm scared of hippos. But that's because hippos can kill you.

Chickens, they're just stupid. They stand in the middle of the road, and then sprint at the last second so that it makes it hard to predict their movements. I almost hit a bunch of them while motorbiking in Asia.

As for flying, I love flying. But more so because I can sleep everywhere so I don't mind it so much :)

Brittany Ann said...

THanks my friend!

I hate to fly, too! And I have to tomorrow. Ugh!

Anne said...

My first car was a Datsun B210 :)

It was actually considered relatively cool back when I got it...back in like 1978 :)

Laura said...

It was funny reading your list as I too met my hubs at 19..and have been at my job over 15 yrs as well. Didn't have a Datsun though..just a sweeeettt Cavalier as a first car.

Tricia said...

my son has a random fear of chickens too. (he is two) when I ask him what he thinks theyre going to do to him he says "I dont want them to lick me". Ummm....ok... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award, I love reading these things! :)

Claudia said...

Jess, never underestimate the power of a chicken!! They could probably kill you, Hippos have such a sweet face.

Tricia, I like your sons answer I think I will use that from now on when People ask me why.

Anne I regret not keeping the Datsun, it was a cool sweet ride.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I think chickens are kind of scary too. And I also get really scared to fly on airplanes. It's mostly when they take off or land. I have to close my eyes and take a bunch of deep breaths to calm myself down. I hate it.

Robin said...

LOL about the chickens...I agree and feel the same way about geese, swans, and horses. Irrational, I know.

I tagged you too, but looks like you've met your quota. Great to learn new things about you. :) thanks for sharing!

That's great you love your job. :)

HUGS from Orlando!