Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nua Swimwear Launch at Dolce

What girl doesn't like to trade in their running shoes for a pair of heels? 
Even more so when it is to Celebrate a Friends debut of her very first Collection. 

My Fabulous Fashion Forward Friend Clara Fortini launched her Swimwear Line Nua at a roof top nightclub in Toronto two weeks ago.  

"Nua is about making woman feel sexy and beautiful again.  Designer Clara Fortini hopes that Nua will do for her clients what it did for her, bring life and colour to their life palette.  She has designed a line of swimwear that is a marriage between practical and different, it's unique; a suit that would call upon the confident woman who is daring and willing to make a statement on the beach or by pool side.  She who wears Nua will stand out and be anything BUT Naked, so why the name Nua then?  Nua means naked in Portuguese, and if you ask Clara, its what she wanted you to feel when wearing the sexy suits.  Almost naked, like a second skin, they're that comfortable.  Claras passion has always been fashion and now has brought her passion to you.  Embrace Nua,  this European style suit will be the talk of the pool bar so dare to Swim n' Strut."
Here are some of my Favourites of the night 

I love how different these are, sexy yet elegant. I especially love the white bathing suit which has a removable sleeve and also comes in black. 
I get so tired of seeing the same swimsuit over and over, these however are very original. 
Congrats Clara! 

It was a great night with great friends. I forget how good it feels to take a night off and just enjoy the company of good friends. 


Happy Running 


Anne said...

Very sexy...congrats Nua!

ajh said...

Looks like a fun evening with friends!

Andrew Opala said...

Hey, I'd trade my shoes for heels ... actually no ... just wanted to say something controversial.

Laura said...

Wow...looks like a great time!
(I gave you an award..enjoy!)

Linz said...

What a fun event! SOunds like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I've given up heels as a runner... I've heard/read that it's really bad for one of your important run muscles, lol, heck if I remember which one!
What a great collection your friend launched! I like the 2nd pic, the 1 piece with the low cut v neckline.

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