Monday, September 6, 2010

why am I NOT running?

you might have noticed a lack of running this week. 
last monday I saw my doctor about my IT Band and she felt like the next course of action would be a cortisone injection. that is not the course I want to take. from what i read a cortisone injection really doesn't fix the problem, it is just a quick fix but in the long run it wont make it go away. cortisone injections for IT Band are generally not very effective.  i have been seeing my PT once a week for 6 weeks now, and really haven't seen much improvement on my IT Band, however it can take up to 8 weeks before people start seeing improvement. 
although the IT Band Wrap is great and lets me run while i'm having issues, i do want to address this issue. i don't want this to get worse where i'm not able to run at all. 
so for right now i decided the best for my running would be no running. i took a week of running, which has not help with the pain... stairs are painful, walking is sometimes ok and sometimes not so ok.  
the next two days i will taken Naproxen (non-steroidal anti-inflamatory) twice a day to see if helps with the inflammation. i'm also icing the area with an ice cube as many times a day as I can. 
so the plan for this week is RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevate) i'm not sure if there will be any running. maybe i should just take another full week off and plan on doing a small run next saturday? 
i plan on bringing back the foam roller and lots of stretching, also back will be hip abductors strengthening exercises. 
i see my PT again in 2 weeks, hopefully i will see some sort of improvement. 
i didn't sign up for anymore races, i would like to do another 5k in october but i don't think the 5k on September 26th will happen, at least not right now. i can't even think about signing up for a Half marathon until i beat this IT Band. 
so that's what going on as far as running. 
this is just a little set back, i'm not going to let myself get discouraged. BUT i have to say it's hard when you see how well other new-to-running bloggers are doing with their running. 
i will get there i'm sure. if not this year then next, the important thing is that i am running.

on a side note... i re-connected with my very best childhood friend in germany. i am so so so happy about this, i can't even tell you. i actually found her on facebook, who knew that facebook actually did bring friends back together. i haven't seen her since i was 13 when my parents moved us across the world. it has been amazing to talk to her and guess what? SHE IS A RUNNER!! she took up running 4 years ago and ran a half marathon a couple of years ago. we are already planing on racing together, so it looks like i will be making a trip to my mother land for a race!! how wonderful is that. i'm very excited about the possibilities.

the kids are really looking forward to school tomorrow and i'm glad we fall back into a routine.  
hope you all are having a wonderful labour day weekend. 

happy running


Tricia said...

Hope that IT band co-operates!

ajh said...

Good luck with your injury. I agree that cortisone shots are a quick fix.

Her Name is Rio said...

Hoping your IT improves! Cortisone can be helpful, but of course, try less invasive treatment first! I do see you out running again!
Very cool that you have reconnected with a lost friend! said...

thought of you this week as my IT band started to bother me. I'm afraid to run tomorrow to see what I feel. I may check in with you for advice. Good luck with your healing...

Leah B. said...

I'm so sorry about your IT band! I hope it heals quickly and you can get back in the swing of things. Don't get discouraged! You'll bounce right back soon!

Marlene said...

It sounds like you are doing the right thing; masking the problem will not make it better in the long run. I hope the extra rest along with physio, rolling, anti-inflammatories, etc. do the trick. Good luck!!!

Wendy said...

Hope you heal quickly!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry to hear that! What a bummer. I'm with you though...I want to heal myself, not just cover up the problem!