Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Date on a School night, what a treat!

Hubby and I went on Date tonight so see our Toronto Maple Leafs play against The Boston Bruins. 

I'm NOT a sports fan and really don't know much about any sport. Hubby on the other hand LOVES his sports... he watches just about any sport and he certainly loves The Toronto Maple Leafs. 

He doesn't like being in photos much, can you tell? 

Our seats were right behind the net, first row!! I don't like Hockey and I was excited, can you imagine Hubby? 

I have to say Toronto has one good looking hockey Team, it's also one of the Teams with the youngest Players in the league.  

Our Boys in Blue ended up winning in overtime, I thought it was great game and had so much fun!! 
Can't wait to do it again! 
Hubby and I should really do this more often, we had such a great time and it was nice to spend time just the two of us. Especially in a setting such at this, I find that when you go to see a movie you spend 2hrs in silence... being out at a game was so much fun and I absolutely would like to do this more often even if I'm not a sports fan. 

What is your prefect Datenight? 


Life, Health & Fitness said...

That looks like such a fun night!! Great pic.

My perfect date night includes me not cooking + wine. :)

ajh said...

I like going out to eat. I do love going to a movie too!

destination262 said...

What a fun night out! I am always down for a relaxing evening with the bf. A movie to snuggle to and possibly a glass of vino. Perfecto!