Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 11: Session 1 and a Lunchtime Run

We had a busy weekend at the house, so there was very little time spend running. 
I tried to run on Sunday morning, jumped out of bed and decided to get my run in before having breakfast!! After 25minutes I was ready to give up. I still managed to get in 3.5km which is not shabby I guess BUT it was supposed to be session 1 of week 11 and it turned out to be just a run. No biggie dust it off and move on.  

Mr. WeatherMan was calling for Sunny Skies and a high of 12C for Monday and what better way then start of my week with a lunchtime run? A redo of week 11: session 1. 
WHO ARE YOU and what have you done with Claudia... honestly? What happened to Lunchtime trip to the Eaton Centre or perhaps strolling along Queen St West, maybe even sitting out on the patio? 
Well that was last year, this year we have 'Lunchtime Run Claudia' get used to it. 

Around 10:30am I had my pre run snack ... a Bananawich, also known as Peanut Butter in a Banana

Unfortunately there are no showers at work... I know what you're thinking. How could I run and NOT shower after? Am I not worried about being all sweaty and stinky at the office? 
WELL we do have bathrooms with running water and really that's all you need.

I decided to have no 'Shower Clean-up' by packing up some BabyWipes, a Towel, Deodorant, Toner, Tinted Moisturizer and Body Mist. 
I changed into my running clothes just before heading out on my run, this includes running socks and sports bra.  I also packed some fresh undies to change into after, this is very important unless you run without.
I was so impressed that I managed to remember everything.
I think the only thing that I meant to bring in but completely forgot was my Evian Mineral Water Spray... it would have been a nice treat BUT not necessary. 

Week 11: Session 1 (redo) 
run outside 
4min warm up 
run 25minutes, walk 1minute and run 25minutes (51minutes) 
5min Cool down 
7.77km (4.83miles) in 60min my average pace was 11:54
Oh BOY... Loved running during my lunch BUT I had some issues.
The first 25minutes I did OK ... not great but OK, I wasn't sure what to do at a red light? Do I stop the Garmin? Do I jog on the spot? I was also overdressed, I had to stop and remove one of my layers (stop the Garmin). 
Running along Harboufront was great!! Loved seeing all the runners out, everyone is so friendly and saying "hello", waving. 
Really enjoyed running along the waterfront, it was such a nice break from my work day.

(on Bathurst Street) 
(The Rogers Centre and 1/2 CN Tower) 

Once I headed back into the city, up Bay Street along Front back to Spadina that's where I was dodging the lunch crowd... NOT FUN!! Some People were nice and moved out of the way BUT some where not so nice. 
That was also the half way mark of my run and where I started to have issues. I think I must have taken about 4x 30sec walking breaks and then maybe 3 set of red lights... SO it really wasn't a continues 25minute run. I wasn't impressed. 
I also used Map my Run to figure out my route I figured I would run around 7.5k in 51minutes and I ended up being 10minutes short, so I ran in circles for a while and then decided to run to Fresh and pick up a Power Shake; Fruity Green (Broccoli, Spinach, Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Orange & Greens+)  and a Sandwich for Lunch. 
YUM!! The Power Shake didn't even make it to the office (which is only a 3minute walk from Fresh) 

The Sandwich was  Goat Cheese and Red Pesto on White Baguette with Butter, Mixed Lettuce, Tomato, Red Pepper, sea salt and black Pepper. PERFECT! 

I had a great lunch today, including the running part and I plan on doing this again on Wednesday, if the weather keeps up like this. 
Not sure If I will repeat session 1 or move on to session 2 which is run 30minutes, walk 1minute and run 25minutes.  

Do you run/workout during your lunch hour and if so how do you freshen up after?


ajh said...

No way I can work out during my lunch hour. I am a teacher and all the tax payers would be horrified! I feel guilty if I run to the bank during my lunch hour. One of the prices you pay working for the public! But I would if I could!

Life, Health & Fitness said...

I always eat some type of pb + banana combo pre-run, its see to fuel me the best.

That sammie looks yummy!!

Staci Dombroski said...

Oh my goodness that sandwich looks amazing!!! I am a teacher so I cannot go out and run during lunch :( It would make it so much easier for me though. I have to tell you, I have never seen a banana peanut butter sandwich like that :-)

Robin said...

Claudia! The pictures are awesome, from food to city scenes.. thanks for sharing. I have the lunchtime issue, too. No showers, but would like to run when it's cool enough. Like AJH, I'm a teacher, but work in a district office now, and can stretch my lunch by 30 minutes if I make up the time on the back end (Oh, the wonderful world of micromanagement!!) Ugh. When I do get out during lunch (rarely), I freshen up the same way as you. :-) As for having your new lunchtime habits - good for you!

HUGS from Orlando!

VeganLisa said...

Fantastic post about your dedication to your running. I loved seeing the shots of a sunny day in my neighbourhood (while I'm still in Orlando). I never run at lunch but I often go out for a stroll. Sometimes I just need a break from the computer screen.

eileenr said...

How did you manage to run AND take fab photos?

Well done. I would be reluctant because of the whole shower issue. It was the same when I rode my bike to work. Ick. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't first thing in the morning and I had already showered.