Wednesday, March 24, 2010

old habits are hard to break...

on the treadmill 
5minute warm up 
5minute run & 1minute walk (repeat 5 times, 30minutes) 
5minute cool down 
4k in 40minutes. 
This was my second run since taking 2wks off. 
I decided to add 1minute to running and add an extra 10minutes to the session. 
It started of really great, shin was pain free and so was the calf. 
After 30 minutes of running my right leg started to hurt, the pain went from my knee right down the side of leg I managed to hang in for the last 10 minutes. 
After the run I had to rush to get dinner on the table and ... totally did NOT stretch. 
I KNOW, I KNOW... BAD BAD BAD. Old habits are hard to break... I really do need to take stretching more serious, I have to start thinking of it as part of my running and there should be no excuse not to do it. 
As far as the pain running down the side of my leg... probably just aches and pains due to running and not related to the cyst. 
Speaking of cyst, today I had my Ultrasound and X-ray, hopefully they will figure out what is causing the cyst in the first place.  My Dr should have the results back on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed it is nothing that will keep me from running. 

On another note, I finally decided to give Banana Soft Serve a try. What could be easier; Frozen Bananas, a splash of Almond Milk and a blender... 

I just happen to have 3 frozen Bananas in the freezer ready for my Green Smoothies. Cut them into pieces and in the blender they went, added a splash of Almond milk (if you are using a food processor you would probably not need the almond milk).

Blend for 5 minutes, stopping once in a while to scape down the sides, making sure that all bananas get blend up. After a while it should start to have the consistency of soft serve, nice and creamy!! 

I topped it off with a little shaved Dark Chocolate... YUM!! AMAZING!! 

3 Bananas was enough for 4 servings... it was a success with the whole family. The Kids LOVED and have already requested I make more Banana ice Cream.  
Guess we need to start buying LARGE amounts of bananas for Smoothies and Soft Serve.
Thank you Gena @ Choosing Raw, that post did change my life!! 

I leave you tonight with Linzi @ Destination 26.2  she is celebrating her 100th post and having her first ever giveaway, go check it out!! 


Lynn @ Life, Health and Fitness said...

I heard rumors that you could make banana softserve in a blender, thanks for sharing. I know what I'm having this weekend for dessert! :)

ajh said...

Yum! That sounds great.

destination262 said...

YUM! I was sad because I don't have a food processor but now you have proved that it will work in a blender. The soft serve looks delish. And thanks for the shout out! :)

Nicole said...

how good is that soft serve?? I've been making every night instead of 2 giant cookies (which I only miss a little). Stretching is hard to get into, I got into yoga in Jan and haven't looked back since. It feels SO good once it becomes a habit. I can't believe how much more I can stretch after 3 mos of yoga.

Jill said...

That recipe sounds so incredible....yum! I am going to try it (maybe with some protein powder, I like to sneak it in where I can :) ). I am the worst offender of not stretching. I feel so much better when I do but rarely make the time. Happy Weekend!