Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 10: Session 3

5min warm up 
run for 22minutes, walk for 1minute and run another 22minutes (45 minutes) 
5min cool down 
7.64km in 55 minutes
Another great run outside except for the fact that it was SOOOOO COLD!! It was really windy outside and the windchill was well chilling! 
I warmed up on the treadmill at home for 5 minutes, gave myself a GOOD long stretch and then headed outside. Walked for another 5min and then started my run. I'm hoping that with all the stretching and warm up/cool down I wont be as sore as I was on my first run outside. 
I really enjoy running outside, but I did NOT enjoy the ice cold wind in my face. The first 22 minutes of my run went really well BUT the last 22 minutes was really COLD and I just wanted it to be over... FAST. I had no issues with my endurance and my legs,hips and knees felt really good, the last 4 minutes I was starting to feel tired and my knees were starting to hurt, but nothing I could not handle. 
I didn't use my ipod on todays run, mostly for safety reason. I was a bit worried about running and not being aware of my surroundings. I live a very hilly part of the city and quite close to the Cemetery, which is were I've been running, I don't have to worry about stopping for cars or traffic lights and it's a very peaceful run. 
On Sunday I did see some runners and walkers out but today it was very different, I didn't see a single person which sort of made me think that perhaps the Cemetery is not the greatest place to run in.  
This week some of the American Running bloggers have been bringing up the topic of safety and how they carry pepper spray while they run which is a great idea. 
HOWEVER carrying Pepper spray or mace in Canada is actually a prohibited weapon!!   

Here are some the things we can do to stay safe;

  • Be Aware of your surroundings, know who is ahead of you and behind and be aware of where the closet people or population is. 
  • Carry a whistle 
  • Follow your intuition... if something doesn't feel right, then it's probably not. 
  • Project Confidence... attackers are looking for someone they can control.
  • Ditch the Headphones!! 
  • Leave contact information 
  • Run in familiar areas, but alter your route pattern 
  • Carry a personal alarm  
  • Run with a buddy 

Note to self; I need to find a better running route and a running buddy. OR perhaps I need to get a dog as a running buddy? 

Do you worry about your safety and what do you do to keep safe during your run?


ajh said...

You are right. This is a hot topic and understandibly. I do run alone but not on super isolated roads.. Having said that it is not always true. I do occ. get on the more lonely road and I am not comfortable when i do this. It is hard because you want to get the miles in and you know the route you want to take. If I am real uncomf. on a road I don't go back to it. So yes I worry, I think I am careful but I don't let it take over my life.

Kelly said...

I really only run outside with somebody else. Or I carry pepper spray. And, I always run with my phone and call someone before I go to tell them I'm going and let them know I'll call them when I'm done. I think that helps. I've been thinking of getting that road id thing though. Cute and practical.

Claudia said...

ajh, you are so right the key is to NOT let it take over your life!!