Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 10: Session 1, First Run outside & Kashi

The plan was to run on Saturday but sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Instead of running I took my 10 year old Princess to the mall for some girl time. I know what you're thinking and even I can't believe I have a 10 year old. 
Running was moved to Sunday.

What better way to start Sunday then with Waffles?  We really like Bob's Red Mill Buttermilk Pancake/Waffles mix in a pinch. 
I toped mine off with Greek yogurt, Blueberries, Kiwi, a swirl of Maple Syrup and some of the Kashi Toasted Berry Crisp sample I received the other day. This was one YUMMY Waffle! The cereal reminds of Granola, it's got that nice sweet crunch. Not sure if I would have it just with milk, but then again I'm not a Milk and Cereal kind of Girl. I do find that it would be a nice addition to my yogurt or as a toping. 
If you haven't picked up your free sample of cereal head over to Kashi and check it out.

Sunday was a beautiful day in Toronto so I decided to take it outside!! YIKES. 

My 1st Run OUTSIDE 
Week 10: Session 1 
5min  warm up 
Run for 10minutes and walk for 1minute (repeat 4 times/44mintues) 
probably a 10 minute cool 
4.06 miles in 44 minutes.
I had a some issues figuring out how to work the Garmin... I guess that can happen if you decided you are too good for instructions!!  So I only got the miles for the running portion it does not include the warm up and cool down. 
I was so excited about running outside and trying to figure out how to use the Garmin, that I completely forgot to stretch before and after and let me tell you I'm paying for it today. My hips are sore and so is my right knee and shin. Which could also be from running on hard surface compared to running on the treadmill, I really hope that is not the case. 

Let's talk about my fear of running outside. If you have been following my blog you know that all my running up to this point has been on the treadmill.  I feel comfortable running at home, where no one can see me and I can sweat like a pig and not worry about it. AND I have always heard that running on the treadmill is easier because it propels you, so all you have to do is keep up. 
I was really worried that once I ran outside I would have a really hard time. 
Well I'm happy to say that this is simply not the case! I felt amazing running outside. I had no problem running for 10minutes at a time. This was a great run, probably one of my easier runs to date.
I loved feeling the cold air on my face and breathing the fresh air. I can't believe what I've been missing out on. I absolutely understand now why people get addicted to running. 
I can't wait for my next run, which should be on Tuesday... not sure if it will be an outside run or on the treadmill, it all depends on the weather and how early I can make it home. Not sure if I feel comfortable running at night by myself yet.
My next running session will be 20minutes running and 1 minute walking followed by another 20minute run. 

Have you always run outside? Or did you start on the treadmill and then move to running outside? 


ajh said...

I started in both places. I hugely prefer outside but during the work week I am often inside on the treadmill.

Kelly said...

I'm a fan of the tm in the winter. But it's always a hard adjustment going from outside to tm during the fall. The tm just seems too boring. I rarely run alone outside (and if I do it's in my neighborhood, not a park or forestry area) and I always take mace. Look at you, miss "the next run is just run 20, walk 1, run 20 big thing)

Claudia said...

ajh, I can see myself running on the treadmill during the work week, especially during the winter months. I think once spring comes around I will try to run first thing in the morning.

Claudia said...

lol Kelly, I know I can't belive I feel so confident that running 20min will be no different then running 10min. I would have never thougth that 10wks ago.
I too feel a bit iffy about running in my neighborhood.

Paige said...

I love running outside! I only run on the treadmill if it's very cold and windy. Something about running on the treadmill always makes my hip hurt. Congrats on trying something new and loving it!