Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 10: Session 2

back on the treadmill 
5min warm up 
run for 20minutes and walk for 1minute, run 20minutes (41minutes)  
5min cool down  
5.50km in 51minutes
WOW... like honestly, running for 20 minutes straight!! NO WAY!! I had a HUGE smile on my face after the first 10 minutes of running. I had no issues with ONLY the 1minute walking break, I was ready to run again when it was up and running for another 20 minutes went just a great as the first 20 minutes. 

I was supposed to run yesterday BUT since I decided on Sunday that I was simply too good to stretch I really paid for it Monday and Tuesday. I was even having a hard time walking, my Hips were in so much pain!! So last night I decided to give my body a good stretch and also added some Yoga in the mix. That seemed to do the trick, this morning I felt 100% better. So lesson learned ... NEVER EVER skip your stretch before and after running, you will pay for it later!!
I am so ready for the last session of week 10. Friday I will conquer 22 minutes run, walk for 1minute , run for another 22 minutes, no biggie!! 
THIS was a BIG deal for me today!! I am so PROUD of myself for coming this far and conquering everything that still to come. I just feel amazing!! 

My question for you today; 
What are you proud of today?  


ajh said...

Good for you. There is no feeling like being proud of yourself. Today I stayed late at work to get some stuff done. Then I started to bring yet more stuff home with me and left it there! I am proud I drew the line.

Paige said...

That is awesome!!! Last year, I let a particular 10K race break me down. I vowed to never do it again. I am proud of myself for facing my fears, and entering the race again this year. It's Saturday; and I'm pumped!

Lex said...

ok that is AWESOME! I looked at my training schedule and those 20m runs TERRIFIED ME!
I'm not there yet - still on 3 mins and I've come to a standstill. No training due to life taking off. :(


I am SO happy for you and I can't tell you how much I have loved reading about this! You give me hope!!

destination262 said...

Way to go Claudia! How cool that when you do your 22 minutes you won't even be phased. It is such a great feeling to accomplish these kind of feats. Yay for you!

Oh, and I hear you on the after run stretching. It's a must!

And what I am proud of today is that I survived day one of bootcamp, and will hopefully complete my other two workout activities. Yay!