Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 9: Session 3 & Lululemon Velocity Socks

on the treadmill
5 minute warm up
Run for 7minutes and walk for 2minutes (repeat 5 times/45minutes)
5 minute cool down
5.5km in 55minutes

Todays run was good. For the past two runs I've had some minor knee pain, almost like I feel water in my knee, strange... worth keeping an eye on.
I can't believe I just finished week 9... I know I say this every time I move on to the next week. But seriously, just the fact that I've stuck with something for 9 weeks is amazing and deserves a round of applause!! BUT it's running that I've stuck with!! Astonishing!! 
Saturday I start week 10, run 10minutes walk 1min and repeat 4 times. 

NOW let's talk about Socks, which I didn't think could make of break a run... but let me tell you it does.
I started running with thin cheap Cotton socks (beginners mistake) which seems to work fine and I'm happy with, but not ideal. Cotton socks hold onto moisture, which is more likely to cause infections like athlete's foot. YUCK!! 
I moved on to Adidas Superlite Climacool (3 pairs for $8.99 at Winners) which I didn't like at all, they made my feet really HOT and I hate having HOT feet. Plus they gave me blisters since they were really low at the back, something which the cheap cotton socks never did.
Running socks are almost as important to a runner's performance as the right pair of running shoes. Choosing the wrong pair of socks can lead to an uncomfortable run, blisters, calluses and sweaty feet which leads to a crappy experience. 
Running socks are especially designed to meet the physical demands of running. Most will provide stability and moisture wicking ability, which makes running more enjoyable especially for new runners. 
Choose running socks that are made out of a synthetic material such as polyester, which will pull moisture away from your skin. 
Make sure your socks fit and they cover your foot completely, I hate when my socks are too big and bunch up and slide around.  

So 3 weeks ago I finally picked up a pair of Velocity Socks at Lululemon for $14.00 
Why they made them:

  • Wicking comfort bodymaps your foot, providing ergonomic cushioning, venting and support 
  • Seamless technology reduces blisters
  • Extra cushioning to reduce shoelace pressure 
  • Mesh panels accelerate air flow
  • Built in arch support
  • Silverescent anit-stink performance using X-Static yarn technology 
  • 47% Nylon, 38% Coolmax Polyester, 12% X-Static, 3% Spandex
So far the socks have held up great. I like the cushion at the back and how snug they feel on my foot and I'm glad to report that we have been blister free. 
The anti-stink work great and I'm happy with how quickly they dry.
I still find them a bit warm but not as HOT as the Adidas socks and my feet still get sweaty but probably not as bad as before. All in all I'm happy with my purchase. 

Do you have a favourite brand of Running Socks? 


ajh said...

I do. I like Reeboks and have been using them for a long time.

Paige said...

My favorite running socks are Zulu's.

destination262 said...

Congrats on running week nine! It's crazy how time flies when you are having fun! :) I actually don't have a favorite brand of running socks. Hmmm... I haven't really noticed a difference between the ones I normally wear. I will have to pay more attention.

Robin said...

Hi Claudia, Thorlo, for sure! Padded walking socks are great for long runs. :-)

Claudia said...

thanks Ladies, I will need to check out your recommendations.

Robin, the Padded Walking socks sound great, I wonder if they would make my feet HOT.