Friday, April 30, 2010

Countdown to Sporting Life

Thank you for all your kind words and support and emails you have been amazing and I'm so blessed to be part of such a great Blogging community! 
Hubby is hanging in... mostly on drugs, but even that doesn't help with the pain. 
Surgery is scheduled for Monday Morning @ 9am, keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan. 
My Mom and Dad have been amazing and so much help. 
I came home today to find a spotless home, THANK YOU MOM!
Dad will be driving me to the Race on Sunday and picking me up at the finish line.  
Hubby obviously can't drive and we are trying to keep him as healthy as possible with the surgery coming up on Monday we don't want him to get sick, so he wont be coming to the race. 
I have to tell you that I was really SAD, OK I actually cried and maybe had small tantrum when I realized that Hubby would not be at the finish line waiting for me. 
It's my First 10k RACE!! and yes it's a big deal to me. 
It's not like I've been an active person and have been running all my life. NO, I just took up running 4 months ago and I think that it a great accomplishment on my part. 
YES it would be great to have him there at the finish line cheering me on BUT there will be MANY more races and honestly I don't expect him to be there at each and every Race I'm going to run. 

Training... I did get a 40minute Run on Wednesday, which was a struggle at first but I manged to hang in there and finish. 
Although I still need to get one more run in until Sunday I decided to not run the rest of the week, I think my legs really needed the break.  
I feel really great about that decision, I cant' wait to run on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it. 

Today I picked up my Race kit for the Sporting Life 10k

I love Race Kits!! 
This one  came with a great white Tech Shirt that I can't wait to wear after the race.

Today I also received this great email from Jess at Halfofjess
Jess reminded me not to stress about it and just really go out and run for the fun, YOU are right Jess. I've been putting way to much stress on training and that just doesn't work for me. 
Jess also decided to be my Personal Cheerleader and I can't thank her enough for that!! 

Now I need your advise... it's supposed to rain on Sunday. I have NEVER ran in the rain, I'm not even sure what to wear, So any advise you have for running a race in the rain would be great.


VeganLisa said...

Your race is going to be fantastic. I will be cheering!!!
I'm sorry that your husband won't be there to celebrate your accomplishment. When you cross that finish line take a moment to reflect on the achievement- the completion of this journey. You are amazing! I know your husband will be proud of you but I hope you will be overwhelmed with pride because you know the mental and physical struggles that have to be overcome to reach this kind of goal.

I suggest wearing a windbreaker and a hat if it is raining heavily. That's what I would do. Also, you may want to put bodyglide on your feet under your socks to prevent blisters once your socks get wet.

Aneta said...

i am doing a race tomorrow too. Its supposed to be warm, humid and rainy. (i live just north of toronto). wear a hat. that will kinda prevent some of the water from going in your eyes. and you dont want to dress too warm bc it will be sticky and gross.

but enjoy!! u will have a blast!!! just take it easy and run your own race. dont worry about other ppl or the rain!

ps. love ur race kit. i picked mine up today and it was not very good. we didnt even get tech shirts, just regular cotton tshirts. ugh!!

good luck!

freak4fitness said...

What a great race kit, I'm drooling w/ jealousy!
Good luck! said...

That is a really nice race shirt! you picked a good race! I'm sorry your husband won't be at the finish line; I know how important that part is. Next time!

For running in the rain, I'd say that nothing is going to keep you totally dry, so just wear wicking clothes (not sure what the temps will be) and a hat (rain in your eyes is no fun). You'll find that the annoying part is waiting around in the rain to start running, but once you are off, you'll be warmed up in a couple minutes and then it will feel GOOD. Plus, I always feel so tough when I'm running in the rain, so there's that. Try not to soak your shoes and socks in puddles, but other than that, don't worry! Your shower will feel that much better after! GOOD LUCK!

Her Name is Rio said...

Nice tech shirt- you scored on that!
My advice for running in the rain is to wear a hat or something like that to protect your eyes from rain. Otherwise you spend a lot of energy squinting your eyes or wiping away uncomfortable water drops. Good luck! Hopefully your husband will be able to make it to your NEXT 10K (good incentive!).

Jess said...

Wear a hat and that race tech shirt! That thing seems like it's not cotton so it'll be light and at least you won't be running with additional weight.

Good luck on the 10K! Can't wait to hear all about it :)