Saturday, April 24, 2010

Running and Brunching with Friends

Today was supposed to be 10k training session ... BUT instead I decided to take up my sisters invite to run with her and her Boyfriend in the Upper Beaches. 
My sister just recently started running, however Greg is a seasoned runner who has a marathon under his belt. 
I was very excited!! My first time running with an actual runner!! 
The plan was to run for about 45minutes which was what my training called for (PLUS another 25min running, which didn't happen). My sister was going to try and keep up as much as possible, and I have to say she did really well for a new runner. I don't think I would have been able to keep up with us, but then again Kat bikes everyday to work and is in really great shape.
So out the door we went at 9:30am running straight up... NO warm up? I guess seasoned runners don't need to warm up? NO stretching? I guess they don't do that either?  
Since there was no warm up or stretching and I didn't have Dennis (aka Garmin) turned on when we got outside. Dennis was having a hard time figuring out where the heck I was so it missed the first 10 minutes of our run. 
I used MapMyRun to figure out how much we ran. 
We did manage to get 6.46km in 45minutes. I'm happy with that and I'm NOT going to stress over the 25minutes that I didn't get in. 
I also decided that I'm not going to stress over finishing my training before my 10k on Sunday.
I think it's more important that my legs stay healthy and that I have fun with running and stressing over finishing my 10k run/walk program before the Race has not been fun. 
I'm not sure if I will just skip week 12 of my training and just do 2 session of week 13 leading up to Sunday or if I will run session 1 of week 12 tomorrow and then move on to week 13. Either way I will have 3 runs leading up to the race, which I think should have me prepared for Sunday. 

NOW the Brunching part of my Saturday; 

Brunch today was at Mildred's Temple Kitchen it is located in Liberty village in the west end of Toronto. 

I love Brunch, the kids always eat really well and with a picky eater you can always find something on a brunch menu that they will eat and most choice are healthy, so I tend not to stress over what they pick from the menu.

YUM!! the food was delish, my only complaint would be that their online menu did not match what their actual menu was. 
I like to look at menus online before I go to restaurant so I can have an idea of what my picky eater will have and I find with kids it just makes life easier when I know what to expect from a new restaurant.  
I was looking forward to having the croque monsieur, but unfortunately what was not an option today.

Today was a great day!
I really enjoyed running with my sister and it really is too bad that we live in opposite parts of the city.
Brunching with Friends, what else could you ask for on a Saturday. 
Hope you had a great Saturday!!


ajh said...

I could live on brunch foods and desserts!

H Love said...

Love the name Dennis! Good job on your run!!

Lauren said...

That sounds like such a great run! I'm looking for new places to run in Toronto...I usually stick to my area or the treadmill or the track..I also have joint problems to worry about so running on concrete for too long is a bad idea. But I love exploring the city more and would love to go for a run on the East end some time. Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

Average A said...

Wow, great job on your run! I have to admit I don't stretch or warm up either; I think it's more of an ants-in-the-pants issue. :) I just want to get out there and start moving! Sometime (read: SOMETIMES) I'll stretch after a run if I'm feeling a little tight, but I'd say that happens maybe twice a year. :P Pretty soon you'll find you won't be stretching or warming up either, haha!

Mmmmm, that food looks incredible!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Marlene said...

Great job on the run!

Honestly, I don't stretch before running. I've read many times that stretching cold muscles can be more detrimental than beneficial. I do try to stretch after a run.

Brunch looks great! Food tastes SO good after a run!

Lex said...

I also dont' stretch before running. I read Jeff Galloway's book and he said the same thing as MArlene, it could cause more harm than good and there's no proven benefit to stretching before a run. Definitely stretch after a run though!

I LOVE Brunch and that food looks so good!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Tricia said...

sounds like a great run!

Anne said...

Love the attitude, no need to make running stressful...better to enjoy a nice run with your sister and her boyfriend and then a nice brunch!! :)
I have my first race ever, a 10K coming up in 2 weeks (May 9th)...I'm pretty excited. All leading up to my first half-marathon on May 30.
Good luck on your final weeks of training!!
I read your comment on Robin's blog and thought I'd come over and check out yours...sounds like we're about at the same place in our journey! Oh and I run in Ks too :)

Emz said...

awesome run.
Brunch looks amazing!! loving the name too.

destination262 said...

Great run! How fun that you got to go with your sister. And yummmmmmmy breakfast!! :)

destination262 said...

Great run! How fun that you got to go with your sister. And yummmmmmmy breakfast!! :)

Nicole said...

I love the combination of running and then eating a great breakfast to celebrate a great run! Good job with the running :)