Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iFitness Mini Sport Belt Review

Today was a well deserved rest day ... I woke up really tired and just felt run down and after looking at my running calendar I realized that I had been running for 6 days straight. 
Whoops how did that happen? 
Well between the Couch-to-5k training with the girls and my 10k training I guess I've been running everyday since last Thursday. YIKES!! 

Monday I got home to find my iFitness Mini Sports belt had arrived, I was so exited!! 
Since the weather is getting warmer I've been running without a jacket, so that means that my Blackberry gets shoved down my pants and doesn't make for a very comfortable run. 
After seeing the belt reviewed on Chicrunner, I knew it was the belt for me with just the right size to fit my Blackberry, iTouch, keys, ID and some cash.   

This is the description from their website; 
  • This unique Mini Sport Bel was designed to fit all your essentials. It will hold a BlackBerry/iPhone and 3-4 GU's.
  •  Stretchable and strong pouch will hold your items close to your body comfortably, without bouncing or riding up.
  • One size fits all (adjustable)
  • Special inner pocket will keep your ID/credit cards in place.
  • Can be used as a race number belt – just pin your race bib.
  • Machine washable – cold, dry flat. 
I've worn it on two of my runs and I have to say I really like it. Yes it's small but for me it's just the right size. It is made out of Lycra so it stretches quite a bit and I was even able to squish my Canon Power Shot in.
It did not ride up or bounce during my run and didn't feel bulky or bother me at all.
I would like to try their Double Pouch belt, which would come in handy on longer runs or perhaps during a race. BUT I'm really happy with this product. 

Hope you had a great Wednesday, running or resting.


Nicole said...

OO I need that, right now my way of carrying things is my husband's pockets! That is such a great little pouch and I would love to be able to carry my camera too!

Lex said...

I'm totally getting one! I have the BlackBerry Bold 9000 (HUGE) which makes it a little awkward while running.

I'm sold!

ajh said...

I've been thinking about this belt but might like the bigger one.

Marlene said...

I'm a big fan of iFitness belts... I have the same one. Glad you're liking it!

Hope you enjoyed the WELL-DESERVED rest day!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the review - think this belt would come in handy for shorter tempo runs from home when I don't really want to bring water, but still need a place for my keys.

Tricia said...

I have the iFitness double pouch and love it! said...

my sister just got this for our half marathon and she loved it... said it didn't budge a bit.

Marketing Gurl said...

I love your blog...I found it through Brittney. Hi Brittney if you are reading this she is a reg on my blog but I wanted to say in anycase that the iftness belt kind of does remind me of a butt bag...remember those? Also I would think the extra weight even if it is super small would throw off my run...I don't know. Needless to say I love your review. I follow now too.

Deanna@MilesToRun said...

I see that this post is a bit old. I'm wondering if you still use your ifitness belt and if you still like it? I need something and I really don't want it to ride up or be really noticeable when I run.

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