Monday, April 12, 2010

week 10: Session 3 redo

Run on treadmill 
5 minute warm up
22 minutes run, 1 minute walk and 22 minutes run (45 minutes) 
5 minute cool down 
55 minutes and the treadmill said I did 6k which we already established is wrong. 
If I look back at Week 10: session 3 on March 5th I ran 7.64km according to Garmin, I'd like to think that I would have run about the same km today. 
Todays run went alright, my shins were hurting the whole time and the last 10 minutes were really hard. Honestly I did really crapy with my eating this afternoon... I had a slice of cake and it was loaded with sugar. I know I really should know better, that certainly wasn't fuel for my run and I felt it the whole way... BLAH!! 
As you can tell I didn't run Saturday and there was also no Couch-to-5K run on Friday with Girls since it was snowing. We did run on Sunday and it was an easy 3.75km jog for me. 
I've been really stepping it up on my stretching with all this running, once I get home from my run I always do about 20minutes of Yoga/running stretches. I also started icing my shins at night, every night!! My shins always feel much better... I just hope that I don't have to deal with this too much longer. I just want to run pain free, is that too much to ask for?
This week there will be running EVERYDAY! This the MOST running I have ever done... I'm a little worried that I wont be able to keep it up.
Tuesday, Friday & Sunday Couch-to-5k with the girls. 
Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Week 11 of my running program... there will be no rest day until Thursday April 22nd. 
Wish me luck!

Have you ever committed to running with friends and then realized that perhaps you've bitten off more then you can chew and it's affecting your training? 


Marlene said...

Be careful! I know I need my rest days.

Good job on all the stretching (I need to do more!) I'm sure that will help.

ajh said...

Yes, do your rest days too. They are important!

Erica Sara said...

Good luck! But if you need a rest day, please take it even if it doesn't fit your program schedule. The more exhausted your body is, the poorer your form and more likely you are injure yourself. Take care of yourself!!
And happy running :)

VeganLisa said...

Seriously, I am really blown away by your commitment. I'm glad that you're including a lot of yoga in your routine but I'm worried about the pain your feeling. I really hope you can run pain-free soon! I have so many training books out of the library at the moment. I'll do some research and see if the experts have anything helpful to say.
No...I've never been able to entice my friends to run with me. That's why I want to get a dog :)


Good luck. I think you can do it. But just remember to take those rest days!

Lex said...

It's so unusual/odd hearing about snow in april! I know it happens, but hearing about snow then looking outside and its beautiful here is just odd!

Do take your rest days! They are SO important and will help prevent more injuries.

I am a much slower runner than my friends so I feel like I'm holding them back. I kind of segregated myself and started to go at it alone. If I had a dog it'd be so much more fun!! LOL

I think icing is just a regular part of running. I NEED to ice but I haven't been so keep at it! Your body will thank you!! :)

destination262 said...

I love your commitment! Good job on icing and stretching, I think is great for recovery. Just remember to listen to your body too and if you think you need to take a day off then don't be afraid to.

I am currently trying to figure how to balance my running group and my own personal race training. My friends are just running for fun and I appreciate the socialness of having them there but it's getting harder and harder because I am having to increase my mileage. I have not had to give up anything yet, but I will have to soon.

Emilie @ said...

enjoyed chatting with you tonight. we are the same age and both moms, both newish runners. best of luck with everything!

Police Girl said...

Hi! I just randomly found your blog!
You REALLY motivate me to try harder! Keep up the great work:)

Lauren said...

Hi! I just started reading your blog. Found you from the twitter fitblog chat. Its funny, because I'm also just taking up running. I always ran a little, but now I'm starting longer distances, and starting verrrrry slow...doing a 5k in June, and slowly preparing for it. Anyway, I never really run with friends. Anyone I know who runs is so much faster/more experienced with running than I am, so I feel like I need to go at it alone to go at my own pace. And so that I can take my walk breaks, because I do the walk/run method (I read the Running Room's book on running and I base most of my training on that). I look forward to following your blog!

Tricia said...

listen to your body and rest when needed