Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 11: Session 3 ... yesterday

Thursday was an outside run 
5minute warm up 
40minute run, 1minute walk and 10minute run 
5min cool down
61minutes... I believe I did a bit more then 8k.
Forgot the ipod AGAIN. 
Forgot to load the BlackBerry with music.
Forgot to charge Garmin aka Dennis the Menace.
BUT it still managed to be a good run and easier then I thought it would be. 
When I first start my run I break it down in portions so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 
I tell myself to run for 20mintues and then ONLY another 10minutes and then ONLY another 5minutes and next thing I know I've been running for 40minutes. It really seems to trick my mind in thinking its not a big deal and I can totally do it.
My Girlfriend Claudia, who runs with our Couch-to-5k group decided to join me on part of my run and it was really nice to have some company. 
It's strange to think that just 4 months ago I was in her shoes, not able to run more then 90 seconds and NOW I'm able to run for 40minutes straight. 
If you were to tell me last year that this year I would be running a 10k, I would have called you INSANE!! 
And now look at me... gearing up to run my first 10k in a week. 

Today, was supposed to be Session 1 of week 12... but my shins were just not up to it. BECAUSE yesterday when I got home from my run I was absolutely exhausted and did NOT stretch, did NOT ice... when will I learn?? 
So instead I ran with our Couch-to-5k group, which today was only my 64yr old Mom and my friend Ana. 
This upcoming week I will try to finish what I started 4 months ago, I hope the weather is nice so I can continue running outside and I really hope my legs and shins hold up. 

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Jess said...

Rest your shins! You've got a 10K! Don't overdo it. I know you want to train hard, and you ARE training hard, but you do gotta give those legs of yours a proper rest before the big day too :)

Look at you running for 40 minutes straight! That's incredible :) Keep it up. And you WILL finish what you started 4 months ago. It's only a matter of time, so remember to rest! It's just as important as training!