Saturday, April 17, 2010

week 11: Session 1 redo DONE!!

Friday was an emotional day... and lets leave it at that. 
I was supposed to redo session 1 of week 11 and honestly I could not see myself running for 1hr on the treadmill, I just had NO motivation to do so. 
However the Girls really wanted to run and I'm really glad I ended up going with them.
So out we went for our Couch-to-5k run, we had a great run and my shins held up really well and I felt so much better after. It was really nice running in a group and just clearing my mind. 

TODAY I ran... before my run I decided to give Vega Sport Pre-Workout Sports Beverage a try. 

This is meant to be taken before you work out to help you sustaining energy, enhanced mental focus and increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, also replenishes electrolytes and reduces inflammation, joint and muscle pain to assist recovery. 

I mixed the single serving pouch of the Acai-berry in a cup of ice cold water and although it was a bit grainy I have to say that I was really surprised by how good it tasted, not what I was expecting. 
NOW did it do what it claims it does ... I'm not sure. I felt great during the first portion of my run, but not more then normal. I can't say that I really noticed a difference in my endurance or how great I felt. My tummy was actually not that happy, but I'm not sure if that was because of the Vega or just because. 
I will have to give it another try and see how I do the next time. 

on treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
25 minute run, 1minute walk & 25 minute run (51minutes) 
5 minute cool down 
7k in 61minutes 
As always I have no issues with the first 25 minute run, if that is all I had to do I would fine, it's after the 1 minute walk that things fall apart, AND today was no different. 
I'm not sure why I loose momentum after walking... you would think that the walking break EVEN if just for 1min would let me pick up where I left off and continue a great run. BUT it doesn't, it does the opposite... I get sluggish, can't find my stride, I have a hard time keeping it together, all of sudden I hit a wall and want to give it up. I hate that! 
BUT I hang in there today and finished and I felt so accomplished!! 

After my run I had a BIG TALL glass of Green Smoothie  

Todays Green Smoothie had; 1 cup of Almond Milk, 1 Banana, 1 handful of Frozen Mangos, 1 T of Ground Flax seeds & about 3 cups of Spinach.
LOVE that Green Colour... it felt so refreshing after that very sweaty run!! 

This morning while catching up on my blogs I came across Running Diva Mom's post on the  goodies she received from Girls on The Run for her upcoming race. 
What really hit me was the quote on the Tech-shirt;

Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach.–Dr. George Sheehan 

I don't know why but it just really hit home with me. 

Do you have a favourite quote, that really speaks to you?


Anonymous said...

I tried that Vega powder a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it!

One of my favorite sayings of late is "Finish Strong"

ajh said...

I like that quote! I have a whole book of marathon quotes I like.

Anonymous said...

My favorite quote (well it's not really a running quote, but could be used for any reference).... "Take Your Passion, Make it Happen!"