Tuesday, February 2, 2010

week 7: Session 1

on the treadmill
5 minute warm up
Run for 4minutes and walk for 2minutes (repeat 10 times/60minutes)
5 minute cool down
7km in 70minutes

Not going to lie... it was hard, I didn't think I was going to able to finish. My legs were tired from yesterday's Cardio & Conditioning Class, so I had to really push it. There was some major pep talking today, I used all the mantra's I could come up with. I was so pleased when I finally finished. I do have to say that my endurance had been improving week by week and I'm loving it.
After my run I had to rush to get dinner on the table, the little people are used to eating at 6pm and we were pushing close to 7pm by the time we started eating. Weeknights are always crazy and when I add 1hr of running in the mix it really makes it challenging. I'm also dealing with guilt for taking 'ME" time to run when I haven't seen the kids all day and they need my attention. I'm hoping that once springs comes around I can start running first thing in the morning before work which will free up my nights.
My next run will be Thursday. I'm trying to give myself a rest day between run days as I find that it works better for me.


ajh said...

It's hard to find the time to run but so worth it!

TX Runner Mom said...

Way to go on the run! I can sooo relate to the mommy guilt. It's hard to get those runs in so that it doesn't take time from the family, but I know I am a better parent when I've had my run. It's my therapy!