Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 8: session 2 and the Ta Ta Tamer Review

on the treadmill
5 minute warm up
Run for 5minutes and walk for 1minutes (repeat 9 times/54minutes)** I ended up running one extra repeat ... apparently I can't count
5 minute cool down
6km in 64minutes

What and easy run today. Which surprised me ... I know I say this all the time now, but this last week I've seen a big improvement in my running. And today I actually enjoyed my run... I wanted to run, which was a strange feeling.
But I'm getting tired of the treadmill. I watch last nights episode of American Idol and that kept me entertained for the 1hr but I can't wait to get outside. I hope that with-in the next few weeks I can start running outside.

I'm really excited to say that since starting this journey 2 months ago I have lost 10lbs which means I really needed to buy a new sports bra. My old racer back was no longer doing it's job and I decided to that it was time to bite the bullet and get some new support.   I took my sisters advise and headed to Lululemon (like she had to twist my arm)  and tried on the Ta Ta Tamer, she swears by it. I'm usually a 32C  but I had to go up in the band and got a 34C, the 32 was extremely tight. 
As you know I like Lululemon, I do think their things are over priced but I'm willing to pay $$ for the quality I get. The Ta Ta Tamer was $58 CDN, which if you think about it is not bad for a good quality bra. 
I ran with it on Tuesday and Today and I can say that I absolutely understand what all the buzz is about. It did what it's supposed to do, held the ladies in place with no bouncing.  
Ta Ta Tamer

Why they made it:
Tames your favorite girls without smooshing them down!
Designed specifically for the B+ to D(ish) cup for high impact sports like running
Removable cups and adjustable straps to customize your fit and support
4-way stretch power luxtreme has inherant wicking and a high Lycra content for maximum support

I do have to say that I'm a little worried about chafing at the shoulders. So I'll let you know that goes once I start putting in my longer runs.
I like that it didn't give me that flat chest of uniboob look, so I can see myself wearing this bra just under a t-shirt. 

What is your favourite Sports Bra?

Canada, remember to wear red tomorrow to show your support of Canada's Olympians as we celebrate the start of this great journey!! 


ajh said...

I'm still looking for my favorite Sports Bra. If I am doing a short run it doesn't matter as much but even a medium run can cause major chaffing. I tried this seamless bra from Title Nine - as you say willing to pay - and it didn't chaff in the usual spots but major sores in the back from the hook. Hello??? A hook on a seamless bra. Then in my recent post I mentioned Target seamless. I liked it fine but it was a shortish run. Will see what it is like on a long run. I will check out the lulu one. I love their stuff but it is expensive. Target of course was not so if it works that would be awesome!

Brittany Ann said...

Lululemon is pricey, but you're right. Every piece I've tried from them is totally worth it. It's almost amazing how effective their gear is!