Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 8: session 1

on the treadmill
5 minute warm up
Run for 5minutes and walk for 1minutes (repeat 10 times/60minutes)
5 minute cool down
7.35km in 70minutes

WOW, I did it!! That was hard, very hard. Honestly I can't believe I was able to keep it together and finish. Amazing. Just amazing to think that a few months ago I wasn't even able to run for 1 minute and today I ran for 5minutes straight for 60minutes!! Amazing.  So happy about my achievement. 
My next run will be Thursday.

It's American Idol and Lost night... my favourite TV night of the week! 

What's your favourite TV night?


Brittany Ann said...

I was just telling my husband that this is my favorite TV night, too!

ajh said...

I like Thursday night with Greys.

destination262 said...

Great job on your run! I have never gone for 70 minutes, that is awesome!

And I have to say that tuesday's Biggest Loser night's are my favorite. I don't have time to watch any other shows right now.

Jen said...

Great job on the running!! I need to up my running distance!

I love love Biggest Loser!! :)