Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brunch at Boom

This morning I went for Birthday Brunch at Boom Breakfast Inc. with my sis Katia, Greg (her boyfriend), my good friend Dean and the little people(aka my kids, Sara and Kevin). 
Katia and Dean like to brunch at around 11am!! I find brunch strange, I'm up at 6am everyday so I need to have Breakfast by no later then 8am.  Eating at 11am would be an early lunch for me. We agreed to meet 9:30am... thanks guys for making it early for me and the little people!! 

Dean had the Chocolate Monkey French Toast ... can you say YUM !! Fresh Bananas and Chocolate sauce ... yes please! It was really good !!

Greg had the Steak and Eggs ... it was a Manly breakfast, 6oz N.Y. striploin, two eggs, Boom frites & fresh fruit garnish. He could not wait to dig into that.

Kat and I had the Boom's Tuscan Eggs ... two poached eggs on roasted tomatoes, dark rye, Boom frites & fresh fruit garnish. I love the roasted Tomatoes on the rye bread!! 

Sara had the Chocolate Chips Pancakes, which we all enjoyed sampling, you can't beat pancakes and Chocolate. 

Kevin had the 2 egg breakfast, which he truly enjoyed as he was humming during his meal.

Kevin and myself 

We really enjoy going to Boom for breakfast, it is a Kid friendly place and the food it always good.

What is your favourite Breakfast/Brunch places to go to? Do you like to Brunch? 

Yesterdays run didn't happen, since my parents came back from vacation ... I know this so sounds like an excuse!! I will run today, as soon as I digest my breakfast.

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Kim said...

I love Boom! We go to the one on Eglinton though. I always get the Benny Boom.
I also like Petit Dejeuner on King Street and School out in Liberty Village. Breakfast is like my favourite thing ever.