Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 5: Session 2

on the treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
Run for 2minutes and 30 seconds and walk for 2minutes and 30 seconds (repeat 12 times/60minutes) 
5 minute cool down
7km in 70 minutes

What a great run I had today, such a difference from Wednesday!! Not once did I think about giving up, not being able to finish, just an amazing run.  
Today I was only supposed to repeat 10 times, but since on Wednesday I missed 2 repeats I added them in today, with very little effort I might add.
The plan was to run outside today, the sun is out and it's only 4C... but Hubby had to work and I still haven't picked up a Interval Timer Watch so the Treadmill it was. 
Still not sure on what Watch to get... I don't want to go all out and get the Garmin just yet, not to mention the price of one of those baby's. I think for right now a simple Timex would do.
What 'gadgets' do you use on your Runs? 

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