Monday, January 18, 2010

Playlist Monday: Good Morning 'Sunshine'

Last weeks playlist which I borrowed from Rachel @ Shedding it was supposed to get me motivated on my 5am runs ... well that didn't happen. 
Early morning runs ended up being an after-work run on Wednesday and then Saturday and Sunday became afternoon runs. 
I still used the playlist and it helped me slow down my pace, which in turned helped me finish my sessions feeling fairly good.
Here we go;

  • Waiting on the World Change ... John Mayer (great song to warm up to) 
  • Beautiful Day ... U2 (I will be using this song again, really gave me that extra push) 
  • Viva La Vida ... Cold Play (just cause I like the song and it turned out to be a great running song
  • Grey Street ...Dave Mathews Band (meh ... this was was just ok) 
  • Love Today ... Mika (Perfect song, love the beat and easy to sing to, probably my favourite song of the week) 
  • Dreamworld ... Rilo Kiley (easy on the brain, I actually enjoyed this song) 
  • Catch My Disease ... Ben Lee (I feel like this is a drinking song, when you're hanging out with your friends at the bar ... BUT it also made a good running song) 
  • Beautiful ... G. Love Featuring Tristan Prettyman (I liked this one) 
  • Wake Up... The Arcade Fire (just alright) 
  • Going Going Gone ... Black Eyed Peas Ft Jack Johnson (good running song) 
  • Soul Meets Body ... Death Cab for Cutie (this was nice song to finish my run) 
  • High ... James Blunt (not really for running, but it was nice to cool down) 
Today was a long day but I still managed to get to my Cardio and Conditioning class after dinner. 
My next run will be on Wednesday.

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