Sunday, January 24, 2010

week 6: Session 1

on the treadmill
5 minute warm up 

Run for 3minutes and walk for 2minutes (repeat 13 times/65minutes)
5 minute cool down
7.60km in 75minutes

I was VERY discouraged when I saw that I had to repeat 13 times today! Are you kidding me? Friday's run didn't go so well, I gave up after 40minutes (8 repeats of 2min 30sec run & 2min 30sec walk) so to be honest I did not expect today's run to go well. 
I just wanted to be able to finish it. I was so happy and surprised when I finished the 13th repeat, a run I was not looking forward too. Actually once I got started I enjoyed joyed myself. I can't lie, after the 10th repeat my legs and calfs were feeling the effect of the run and I really had to talk myself into finishing strong. Which reminds me I still don't have a running mantra... right now I'm going with "don't die, don't die" it's NOT very effective. 
When I finished I really spend some time doing stretches, something that I really haven't done after running. I felt so much after better!! 
My next run will be Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to it especially since today worked out so well.
Monday is my Cardio and Conditioning class and Tuesday my Birthday which will be a rest day! 

I can't believe I'm already on week 6 and session 1 went better then expected.


Kelly said...

My mantras are:

You never feel bad after a run!

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.

You don't want to write "run fail" on your blog today!

Hope it helps, and way to go on finishing your 13 repeats! Even when you didn't really want to!

Claudia said...

Thanks Kelly!!
I like Pain is temporary, quitting is forever!! and you are right I feel SOOOO much better after a run.