Sunday, January 17, 2010

week 5: Session 3

on the treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
Run for 2minutes and 30 seconds and walk for 2minutes and 30 seconds (repeat 10 times/50minutes) 
5 minute cool down
6km in 60 minutes

Week 5 is done... I'm exhausted, my legs and FEET are killing me! 
I went on the treadmill with a positive attitude... but by repeat 4, I wanted it to be done. 
I had laundry to do, soup to make, things to clean and quite frankly I just wanted to sit on the couch, put my feet up and watch Portuguese Idol.  
I can't wait for the day that running will be easy and something that my body craves. 
This week I've been making a real effort to stretch before my runs and it has made a difference, no more calf pain and my legs just feel a lot looser. I also decided to slow my pace down a bit when I'm running and I think that has helped to get me to the end of the session without keeling over out of breath.
I'm re-thinking my training schedule, the 1st session of every week is the longest run so as it stands right now it always falls on a Wednesday, making it a really long day.  I think I would be better off having my longest run on Saturday or Sunday. SO This week I will redo week 5 on Wednesday and Friday and then start week 6 on the weekend, see if that will perhaps make things easier during the week.

How do working mom's fit in running into their busy schedules?

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