Saturday, January 9, 2010

week 4: Session 3

on the treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
Run for 2minutes and walk for 3minutes (repeat 10 times/50minutes) 
5 minute cool down
5.90km in 60 minutes

I guess I didn't do so bad after all yesterday... session 2 was only supposed to be 9 repeats, not sure why I had the number 10 in my head. Yeah ME !! 
Today was my last session for week 4. It actually went really well, I did my stretching before my warm up and my calf was co-operating this time.  
The book The Beginning Runner's Handbook actually recommends that you warm up with a 5-10 minutes walk AND THEN do your stretching, since its easier and safer to stretch a warm muscle then a cold muscle. Warm-ups bring blood to the muscles and make injuries from stretching less likely.  
I don't know about you, BUT once I'm on the treadmill and have finished my warm-up, getting off to stretch just seems like such a waist of time, the sooner I get started on the running the sooner I'm done with it.  
Maybe once I'm running outside I wont feel that way? 

When do you stretch, before your warm-up or after? Do you always stretch before your Runs?


EricaH said...

I am no were near a seasoned runner I am more of a very quick jogger but I don't usually stretch before but always after I learned that lesson the hard way after my first 5k. Stretching really helps with the soreness the days after. :)

Claudia said...

Hi Erica thanks for the advice, since I'm new to running I think it's important to start off right and avoid getting into bad habbits. I'll make sure the stretch before my runs!! and after.