Monday, January 11, 2010

Playlist Monday: 80's are back!!

Why are Monday's always so hard?  The alarm went off this morning and I didn't not want to get up, infact I ended up staying in bed extra long, a whole extra 25mintues!! I'm living on the edge here!!  We still managed to make it out of the house on time... that's thanks to me organizing everything the night before!! A little planing goes a long way when you are a mom.

On to my Playlist ... Last week was retro 80's week. I only ran 3 times last week and did a lot of resting in between. This playlist was really fun and kept me going at 5am on Wednesdays VERY early run and at 5pm on Friday after work.
Here we go;
  • Come on Eileen ... Dexy's Midnight Runner (just a fun song to get you going)
  • More Than A Feeling ... Boston (I have to say this was my favourite song of the week to run to)
  • Just Like Heaven ... The Cure (cause the Cure was my Fave in Highschool)
  • Owner of a Loneyly Heart ... Yes (GREAT song to run to!! really kept me going)
  • Space Age Love Song ... A Flock of Seagulls (meh, I like the song... BUT probably not the greastest song to run to)
  • Bigmouth Strikes Again ... The Smiths (this was also one of my favourite songs to run to this week)
  • Rio ... Duran Duran (Simon Le Bon ... really that's all you need)
  • One Step Beyond ... Madness (Hello !! reminds me of my ska dancing, doc martin wearing days)
  • Everything Counts ... Depeche Mode (great beat to run to, plus I knew the words to it!!)
  • Summer of 69... Bryan Adams ( just and OK song, not great for a run)
  • Where The Streets Have No Name ... U2 (the song starts off slow but once it gets going it's a great 'bring it home' song exactly what I need to finish strong... U2 also happens to be my favourite band of all times)
This was just an OK playlist, I think I enjoyed Hip Hop week better. They gave me that kick in the behind, must have been all the profanity in it.
I love 80's music but I just had a hard time finding Great running songs. 

What's on your 80's Playlist?

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