Wednesday, January 20, 2010

week 5: Session A

on the treadmill 
5 minute warm up 
Run for 2minutes and 30 seconds and walk for 2minutes and 30 seconds (repeat 10 times/50minutes) 
5 minute cool down
6km in 60 minutes

This was a redo of last week... the reason for this is that I want to have my longest run on the weekends when I have more time, which is always the first session of every week. During the week I find that it's a challenge to get my runs in. 
I know this so sounds like an excuse!! BUT I did get on the treadmill today and get in 6k... which for me is a big deal and a huge change to my lifestyle. I'm really proud at how far I have come, even just in the last few month since I started running. My Cardio has improved greatly and I can't believe the changes to my body, I feel fitter and healthier already.
Today was a fairly good run, I did give my legs a good stretch before and that helped a lot with my calf cramping. 
I'm still not stretching after my runs, which I know is a big no no... it's a habit that I need to break and I really should stretch after my runs. 
My next run is on Friday and I think I might start week 6 on Saturday and then follow with Session 2 on Sunday. Monday Cardio and Conditioning Class with Amy at the local Community centre up the street, so that would mean 4 days in a row of working out !! YIKES, wonder how my body will feel about that?

What's your workout schedule like? Do you find that you need to give your body a rest day between run days?


The Linz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Ps. Today I moved my site so you will want to update your google reader. Anyways, I definitely like to give my legs a rest in between run days. For some reason I perform better if I do. And I have been able to resist the ugly shin splints by doing that. Good luck on your running! I am excited to follow you on your journey!

Claudia said...

hi Linzi, I really enjoy reading your blog and have updated my google reader so I don't miss a thing!
Thanks for your input, I think I will rest my legs between run days.

ShutUpandRun said...

Since I got injured running back to back days and training too hard, I try not to do that. I will run hard or long one day, then cross train or do yoga the next. My body likes that better.