Wednesday, January 27, 2010

week 6: Session 2

on the treadmill
5 minute warm up 

Run for 3minutes and walk for 2minutes (repeat 10 times/50minutes)
5 minute cool down
6km in 60minutes

Week day runs are always hard...  work, pick up the kids, make dinner/help with homework and then while the kids are eating with Daddy, I run. Which means I miss dinner with the Family, something I don't like doing... BUT I get my run in and that's important to me right now.
I was ready with my running mantra thanks to Kelly @ Beginning running  for the suggestion "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever". 
I felt confident, my Cardio is improving week by week and finishing the run is becoming easier ... sometimes my butt still feels like it weighs 300lbs BUT I can manage to work it out and finish.  
What I'm really enjoying is how GOOD I feel after the run, my feet are killing, my legs might feel tired but I feel so much better after running.

After my run I had a  Green Monster;
1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk 
3 handfull of Organic Spinach
1 Frozen Organic Banana 
a handfull of Strawberries
1 T of ground Flax seeds
1 T of Chia Seeds

I try not to eat after 7pm... so that's all I had for dinner tonight, I will be very Hangry tomorrow morning.
My next run is Friday, looking forward to it!! 


Kelly said...

I might need to cave and try a green monster. Are they really good? Like, tasty good? Can I add chocolate?

You're welcome for the mantra, but I didn't make it up...I just like it. :D

Claudia said...

I think adding the Frozen Banana and Berries really takes away from the taste of the spinach, it feels really refreshing in the summer to have it first thing in the morning ... but in the winter I don't really want anything cold first think in the morning. Today after the run it was nice, I didn't want eat anything heavy @ 7:30pm so that hit the spot.
I sometimes add Frozen Mango & Banana and that's also very good.
You should try it, it's NOT that bad. You could add Chocolate Almond Milk.